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Note From the Publisher: Jewelery

In its highest form, jewelry is not just a method of artistic communication. It is permanently beautiful. It is personal.

Technology Tackles Lab-Grown Detection

Scanning for solutions: New devices are pushing boundaries in the quest to identify synthetics reliably and accurately.

Antique Jewelry University Brings the Bling to Continuing Education

History in the making: Suzanne Martinez, co-owner of Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry, discusses the online resource her company has been running since 2000.

What Iris Van der Veken Has Learned in a Career of Creating Change

Impactful leadership: The executive director and secretary-general of the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 discusses mentoring, gender equality, and tackling global problems.

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Antique Jewelry’s Reel-to-Real Appeal

Popular period dramas offer a glittering display of fabulous pieces that are enticing new audiences to buy and collect.

Solid Gold Hits of the ’80s and ’90s

Big and unapologetic, jewelry from these decades is still charting high thanks to nostalgia and a taste for the unconventional.

Brooch Up Your Look

Classy and versatile, these decorative pins are adorning men’s lapels on the red carpet and doubling as necklaces or hair ornaments.

From the Pen (and Brush) of René Lalique

Master strokes: A rare exhibition of drawings reveals the thought processes behind the legendary designer’s highly prized jewels.

Retro Jewelry Is Back at Full Volume

Chunky, colorful and statement-making, designs from the late 1930s to early ’50s are enjoying a resurgence.

Vintage Shows That Belong on Your Calendar

Fairs of estate: A list of yearly US trade shows where antique and vintage jewelers can discover treasures, trends and inspiration.

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Maison Davidor’s New Boutique Exudes French Elegance

Chalet chic: With its signature Parisian style, Maison Davidor opens its newest boutique in Vail, Colorado.

The Secret to Recruiting Great Jewelry Retail Teams

Finding good employees is no easy task. Three experts reveal their top tips for getting the job done.

Unleashing AI in the Jewelry Retail World

Artificial intelligence may have big potential for jewelers, but it comes with challenges, says expert Ross Cockerham.

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The Next Generation of Castro NYC

Heir to a vision: Terry Castro’s child, Sir King, is continuing the brand’s artistic legacy.

Celestial Jewels Are on the Rise

Look to the heavens: Sun, moon and planet motifs have star power in more ways than one.

Today’s Tennis Bracelets Are Serving Up Surprises

Courting color: Designers are adding gemstones to this jewelry classic, and the result is a grand slam.

Scottish Designer Ellis Mhairi Cameron Comes to America

A Highlands heritage overseas: While her jewelry roots remain deep in her homeland, the artist’s US clientele is steadily growing.

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Perfection in Practice: How Do Emerald Enhancements Work?

Keeping the green clean: Treating this precious stone is common in the industry. Five experts offer some clarity on the process.

Sponsored Content: AGTA's Legacy of Ethical Excellence

In this first half of a two-part series, we explore some of the American Gem Trade Association’s key achievements.

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Standout Stones Signal Strong Market at Geneva Auctions

Diamonds rock the block: Blues, pinks and yellows studded the top lots at the season’s sales.

Behind the Gavel: Meet Dianne Batista of Rago/Wright Auctions

The senior specialist and director of fine jewelry and watches talks about her evolution from art history student to in-house jewel expert.

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Interweaving David Webb

Author Ruth Peltason shows how the iconic jeweler’s works were in dialogue with the art and fashions of his era.

Stumped for a Holiday Gift? Here Are Some of the Year’s Best Jewelry Books

Literary gems: Check out these five dazzling publications, perfect for presenting to your loved ones this season.

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Five Things You Didn't Know About Rolex

From wartime plans to pizza promos.

A Time of Disruption for the Watch Trade

Recent moves by Rolex and others to consolidate the new- and used-timepiece markets have created uncertainty for independent dealers in the US and Europe.

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Meet Roeya Vaughan, the New Head of Tacori

The outside insider: The fine-jewelry brand’s first external CEO – who’s served in the role since August – shares her passions and proudest moments.

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November-December 2023

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