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May 2024

Welcome to the Future

RDI Diamonds: Keeping Up with Industry Innovation
This latest supplement delves into the cutting-edge advancements and transformative technologies that are revolutionizing the trade.
Grounded in Science: Where Tech and Mining Converge
Finding deposits and extracting stones can be costly and high-risk, but new innovations are leveling the playing field.
Dealing with Russian Diamonds
What do the ongoing G7 sanctions mean for suppliers around the world?
Finding the Next Generation of Jewelry Retail Staff
Resilience, empathy, honesty and tech-savviness are some of the traits employers should be seeking in new hires, experts say.
How AI Is Revolutionizing the Diamond-Cutting Sector
While the hands-on approach is still crucial, artificial intelligence is already a boon to mapping and polishing stones – and there’s more on the horizon.
Training Up Talent: The Art of Honing Employees’ Skills
Industry experts offer tips on how jewelry store owners can propel their recruits toward success.
Young Diamond Buyers Still Want Grading Certificates
Demand for origin and quality reports is as strong as ever, with labs finding new ways to provide the information.
Can You Trace Your Diamond to the Source?
Tracking tools are getting more advanced as companies strive to meet transparency standards.
New Tech Solutions Can Help Prevent Jewelry Theft
From shipment tracking to identifying high-crime regions, insurance companies are exploring data-based ways to protect their clients’ merchandise.

Special Report

September 2023

Spotlight on Sustainability

The GIA Sustainability Agenda
GIA's environmental, social and governance program sets to integrate sustainability policy and practices into its core business strategy.
What’s Your Business Doing to Make Jewelry More Sustainable?
Ten jewelry industry experts share their thoughts and the steps they’re taking to build a better future.
A Pair of Carbon Footprints: Setting the Bar for Natural and Lab-Grown
Should lab-grown and natural stones meet the same ethical guidelines?
How the Jewelry Trade Is Cleaning Up Its Green Lexicon
Governments and groups are working to nail down definitions for green buzzwords and keep the jewelry trade accountable.
Clients Need Real Talk from Retailers About Sustainable Jewelry
How jewelry retailers can get their sustainable message across to customers.
Eco-Friendly Is the Mother of Invention for Diamond and Jewelry Companies
A look at some of the creative ways jewelry companies are helping protect the environment.
Recycle or Reform? Getting to the Source of Responsible Jewelry
Jewelers are reusing and reinventing pre-owned goods and waste products — but it may not be enough.

Special Report

May 2023

Gem Z

Navigating the Shift: Repositioning Natural Diamonds for Gen Z
Explore the complexities of the rise in lab-grown diamonds and discover strategies for promoting the value of natural diamonds to appeal to a new generation of buyers.
The Next Generation Is Rewriting the Rules of Jewelry Style
Gen Z jewelry shoppers are proving to be more experimental than their forbears. Unbeholden to stiff sartorial codes, these renegades are wearing jewels in original ways that feel authentic to them.
Five Celebrities Changing the Way Gen Z Accessorizes
From encouraging men to don pearls to inspiring maximalism, these influential stars are spearheading a fine jewelry evolution via red-carpet glow ups, brand collaborations and viral TikTok moments.
The Diamond Jewelry Gen-Z Is Buying Right Now
Luxury jewelry brands tell us that when younger shoppers are ready to invest in natural diamonds, they are looking for designs that are simple, timeless and versatile.
Rare & Forever: AI Graded Natural Diamonds
RDI Diamonds presents Rare & Forever, an exclusive collection of hand-selected natural diamonds. Rigorously screened and graded by cutting-edge A.I. technology for the highest quality and consistency.
Is It Too Late for the Diamond Industry to Connect with Gen Z?
They have high expectations, little money, and quite a few contradictions. Tempted by lab-grown diamonds’ affordability and sustainability claims, can this generation fall in love with natural diamonds?
How to Upsell Gen Z to a Natural Diamond Engagement Ring
Savvy retailers are helping younger clients see the benefits of choosing natural diamonds for engagement rings. Here's how.
Tiffany & Co.: Reinventing an Icon
As iconic jeweler Tiffany & Co. turns its marketing attentions to Gen Z, what can be learned from its efforts to attract young consumers to its natural diamond offer?
On the Shop Floor: How to Debate Lab-Grown vs. Natural Diamonds
With misinformation rife, it’s no wonder customers are confused when it comes to choosing between a natural or lab-grown diamond. Here’s how to answer their ethical and environmental questions to explain the real value of a natural diamond.
A Gen Z Spills the Tea on What They Really Think About Diamonds
Angela Romeo, a major TikTok influencer and Gen Z consumer, gives us the lowdown on what her generation really thinks about natural diamonds.

Special Report

September 2022

Future Proof: How New Tech is Changing the Way We Grade, Sell and Speak About Diamonds

Diamond Grading Embraces Digital Technology
"Digital-first is no longer the future; it’s the present," says Pritesh Patel, GIA's Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.
How the Jewelry Industry Is Connecting With Gen Xers
Marketing expert Laryssa Wirstiuk discusses effective ways for businesses to reach digital natives.
Is Crypto Right for Your Business? Jewelry Retailers Answer
Jewelry retailers discuss why they have adopted cryptocurrency in their business. Is it right for you?
Blockchain: The Stunning Rise of Diamond and Jewelry NFTs
Whether to improve transparency, be appreciated as artworks or to raise money for charity, diamond and jewelry NFTs are becoming firmly entrenched.
Facts and Myths About AI Diamond Grading
Pritesh Patel, senior vice-president and chief operating officer of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), clarifies some of the misnomers associated with AI diamond grading.
Technology Vs. Human: Diamond Insiders Weigh In on AI Grading
Here’s what others in the industry have to say about prevailing AI grading myths.
Diamond Traceability: Retailers Respond to Consumer Demand
Significant new technologies offer transparent and reliable ways to share a diamond’s journey with consumers.
How the Jewelry Trade Can Become More Socially Responsible
Experts discuss how companies can use technology to make their businesses more socially responsible with sustainable goals.
Where Will Technology Take Jewelry?
What piece of technology do you wish would be invented that you feel would improve your jewelry business?

Special Report

June 2022

Retail in the Digital Age: From Protecting Your Store Against Cyberattacks to Creating Meaningful Marketing

How RDI Diamonds Is Embracing the Digital Age
As you look to ignite or accelerate technology in your business, this supplement guides you through advancements that can help you improve your margins, and win new business.
The Diamond Industry's Billion-Dollar Game Changer
Michael Indelicato’s RDI Diamonds has developed a reputation for introducing many firsts that became industry game changers.
For These Top Jewelers, Big Data = Big Deal
Big Data can highlight what’s being done well, what can be improved and how to better understand a customer’s needs, shopping habits and potential future purchases.
Security Experts on What Jewelers Can Do to Fight Cybercrime
Security data confirms cyber risks for companies — jewelers included. When the pressure to make sales is on, it’s easy to move too quickly and not pay attention and that’s usually when things go wrong.
Everyone's Shopping Online Today: Is Your Jewelry Store Keeping Up?
Retail has shifted, with some 90% of jewelry retailers now have online platforms. The move is a direct result of retailers looking to meet customers where they shop.
Diamond Industry Experts: This Is How to Crack Social Media
Stores that want to connect with Generation Z and millennials know they need to engage on social media. However, today it’s all about connection rather than marketing.
Diamond Grading's Adoption of AI Is Boosting Consumer Confidence
AI’s efficacy helps distinguish diamonds that have higher brilliance. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the grading system can calculate measurements 100 million times more accurately than a human.
The Human Touch: How Jewelers Can Strike the Balance Between Technology and Personalization
Jewelers don’t need to have a full-blown e-commerce site to make an impact online, says luxury sales consultant Kathleen Cutler.
Diamond Industry Dynasty: The Next Generation
Having the next generation join the family business has breathed new life — and new perspectives — into RDI Diamonds.

Special Report

March 2022

What We Should Do About Blood Diamonds

A Call to Action on Blood Diamonds: Letter From the Editor
How do you define blood diamonds? It’s been on consumers’ minds as well, and they are demanding a clear answer from the industry.
The 'Conflict-Free' Diamond Cover Up: Note From the Publisher
Blood diamonds are diamonds involved in torture or slavery. There is no justification for the buying and selling of blood diamonds.
What Should We Do About Blood Diamonds?
Blood Diamonds are diamonds involved in physical torture. Yes, they exist. Are you buying and selling them?
From the World Diamond Council (WDC)
Position of the diamond industry organizations in relation to the Kimberley Process.
From Global Witness
For decades Global Witness has exposed how diamonds and other minerals have fueled armed conflict and human rights abuses.
From the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC)
The integrity of the jewellery supply chain is the raison d’etre of the RJC.
From De Beers
Industry’s focus must be on building new tools to address new challenges, not tearing down old ones.
From Signet Jewelers Ltd.
Signet’s rigorous approach to transparency ensures every diamond we sell is conflict free and free from human rights abuse.
From Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany & Co. remains strongly committed to the responsible sourcing of all our diamonds.
From Alrosa
The diamond industry has always been at the forefront of its supply chain regulation and integrity.
From United States Jewelry Council (USJC)
We appreciate the opportunity to share the steps that the USJC is taking to keep conflict diamonds out of the legitimate diamond and jewelry supply chain.
Enshrining Human Rights: FAQ on US Sanctions Related to Diamonds
In this FAQ, Rapaport explains the role of the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign assets control (OFAC) and customs regulations
Law and Human Rights in the Jewelry Industry
In the pages of this magazine, many jewelry industry authorities have opined about what should be done to solve the problem of human rights abuses in the jewelry supply chain.
Standards to Live By: Tools From the RJC
The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) provides the industry with tools to step up its commitment to ethical behavior and working conditions.
Rapaport's Diamond Industry Social Responsibility Directory
Rapaport’s social responsibility directory.
Unreported: When the Diamond Industry Does Good
While the diamond sector’s negative side may appear more prominent to the world, there are many companies and organizations making sure diamonds are a force for good.

Special Report

October 2021

The Full Spectrum: Explore the Mesmerizing World of Natural Color Diamonds

Get to Know the Full Spectrum of Natural Color Diamonds
Natural color diamonds were all but forgotten at the beginning of the 20th century, only to resurface in Antwerp after the 1960s.
Color Diamonds: A Storied History
Today, natural color diamonds command sky-high prices, but their road to popularity has been rocky.
The Name Game: How Fancy Color Diamonds Are Graded
In a world of luxury that relies on exclusivity, desire and emotions, few products are as rare and rich in history as fancy-color diamonds.
Elusive Rainbow: Why Do Fancy Shapes Make Colors Pop?
When manufacturing colorless diamonds, cutters aim to maximize all the 4Cs. With natural color diamonds, that journey is more artisitic.
These Diamond Creations Simply Dazzle With Color
Whether as center stones or as accents, these diamonds create a dazzling effect.
Why These Top Jewelry Designers Love Natural Color Diamonds
These six high-jewelry designers share why they like featuring natural color diamonds in their most precious creations.
The Science Behind Fancy Diamonds' Amazing Color Spectrum
Fancy diamonds get their unique shades in a variety of ways.

Special Report

August 2021

Tools to Boost Your Jewelry Business: Wow Your Customers With Personal Offers, Enjoyable In-store Experiences, and Great Gems

Here's the Way to Boost Your Jewelry Business
After the year our industry has experienced, creativity and a willingness to embrace innovation will be the roadmap to success.
Diamond Certification: Accomplishments and Challenges
Consumers are increasingly interested in knowing not only where their jewelry came from, but that it also did good on its journey to them.
Gaining Clarity: How AI Is Enhancing Diamond Grading
Artificial intelligence eliminates the subjectivity of the human eye, in turn eliminating inconsistencies and ensuring more accurate grading.
Bringing Back the Jewelry Store Experience
Consumers are browsing online but yearning for a one-on-one experience. For retailers, more than ever, it's important to just be real.
Why Jewelers Need to Adapt Omnichannel Marketing ASAP
The pandemic caused a seismic shift to online shopping. But now that stores have reopened, where will digital selling fit in?
Which Diamonds Are Trending? Jewelry Wholesalers Weigh In
Wholesalers are accustomed to the retailer refrain: “I need it yesterday.” Being able to respond quickly to clients’ requests is key.
How Today's Jewelry Retailers Are Building Customer Loyalty
Trust and loyalty completely intertwined. Clients who don’t respect you won’t continue to do business long-term.

Special Report

September 2020

Go With the Glow: Why We Need to Rekindle Our Love Affair With Fluorescent Diamonds

Fluorescence: Jewelry Trend Emerges Out of Pandemic
Fluorescent diamonds are filling the growing demand for meaningful gifts and pieces of timeless value that can also reflect deeply personal feelings.
Confirmed: Fluorescence Adds Value to Polished Diamonds
The fluorescent diamonds niche provides an opportunity to innovate with new product categories to attract new generations of buyers.
Why Is the Diamond Industry So Confused About Fluorescence?
Fluorescence is the visible light some gemstones emit when they are exposed to invisible ultraviolet rays from sources such as the sun and fluorescent lamps.
A Brief History of Fluorescent Diamonds
The positive associations connected to the term “blue white” began to be eroded when the trade started selling lower-color diamonds under the “blue-white” label.
Dismantling the Stigma Surrounding Fluorescent Diamonds
Despite the stigma, there is little science to back up claims that fluorescent diamonds are inferior stones.
The Hidden Market Power of Fluorescent Diamonds
During the early part of the 20th century fluorescence was seen as something that had a very positive impact on top colors. What happened?
Leading Diamond Graders Weigh In on Fluorescence
The Gemological Institute of America and HRD Antwerp published landmark reports showing that the negative perceptions of fluorescent diamonds are largely unfounded.
Designers Creating Magic With Fluorescent Diamonds
For a next-level wow factor, designers are constructing jewels that take full advantage of fluorescent diamonds' ability to turn blue at the flash of an ultraviolet (UV) beam.
Six Things You Need to Know About Fluorescent Diamonds
It is time to dispel the cloud of misinformation that surrounds fluorescent diamonds and get a clear understanding of this wondrous natural effect that adds even more mystique to natural diamonds.

Special Report

June 2019

Close the Deal: Proven Ways You Can Increase Diamond Sales

Diamond Retailers, This Is How You Connect With Clients
Today’s retailers face many challenges. This has put pressure to transcend being mere salespeople, and become trusted advisers to clients.
Increase Sales by Reading Customers' Body Language
The “winning edge concept” is something today's salespeople need to familiarize themselves with.
Be a Closer: Proven Tips for Diamond Distributors
Why retailers must learn how to help customers find that perfect piece of jewelry without overwhelming them with facts.
Turn Your Staff Into a Diamond Selling Machine
Top salespeople are often referred to as natural born winners. In fact, the best sales staff follow specific steps to close the deal.
Make or Break: What You Must Find Out About Your Jewelry Salespeople
Your sales team can make or break your business. The impression customers take will convince them whether to buy from you, or someone else.
Boost Your Sales by Telling a Diamond's Story
It turns out that appealing to a customer’s emotions is a much more effective sales strategy than focusing on the 4Cs.
Now or Never: Why Jewelry Retailers Need to Embrace Social Media
Social media is a powerful driver of web traffic that is an ever more influential sales platform for jewelers entering the digital fray.
How Much Do You Really Know About Selling Diamonds?
It's time to find out how much have you taken in from this supplement with a quick quiz.

Special Report

June 2018

Making Memo Work

Memo: Supplying Jewelers With the Right Diamond at the Right Price
Empowering jewelers to meet the needs of their customers is the key benefit of being able to tap into goods on memo.
Diamond Memo: A Time-Honored Tradition
While sending goods on memo has been an industry practice for generations, it is unclear when this it actually began.
How Diamonds Consignment Works
There are benefits and drawbacks to memo, whereby vendors and suppliers loan goods to stores on an as needed basis.
Memo's Undeniable Impact on Jewelry Retailers
Despite the challenges, memo keeps jewelry retailers competitive, since it highlights face-to-face connections.
The Risks of Memo That Every Jeweler Needs to Know
Consignment memoranda are not without risk. If a diamond ends up in the wrong hands, the memo won’t be worth the paper on which it’s written.
Not All Memos Are Created Equal: Consignment's Various Terms and Conditions
Understanding the different payment options related to sending and receiving goods on memo is critical.
How Jewelry Wholesalers Can Make a Memo Bullet Proof
Drafting missteps can invalidate a memo, putting substantial sums of money at risk.
Memos on Your Mind? Expert Advice on Diamond Consignment
A diamond industry expert answers key questions, and clarifies misconceptions, about memos.

Special Report

April 2018

Polish Your Knowledge

Investing in Diamond Grading Education Pays…With Interest
Training is crucial since it breeds confidence, and gives people the skills they need to succeed in life.
Today's Customers Expect Jewelers to Know All About Diamond Grading
While on-the-job training is essential, backing it up with education is at least as important.
The Five Things Jewelry Retailers Must Master About Diamonds
When getting educated on the diamond industry, there are five key areas of knowledge to focus on.
How the Diamond Council of America Is Educating Tomorrow’s Industry Leaders
The program that the 74-year-old Diamond Council of America (DCA) offers is an important starting point on the journey toward a gemology degree.
Why Your Team Should Get Educated on Lab-Grown Diamonds
Why aren't retailers providing their customers with more information on the differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds?
What You Need to Know to Conquer the Diamond Industry
Becoming a major player in the diamond industry requires certain key skills, and an endless ability to adapt.
A Diamond Cutter From Antwerp Talks Shop With a Manufacturer From New York
An acclaimed diamond cutter from Antwerp trades notes with a highly regarded manufacturer from New York.
Can You Ace the Great Rapaport Academy Diamond Quiz?
Time to put your knowledge of the diamond industry to the test, with six quick questions.


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