The Next Generation of Castro NYC

Heir to a vision: Terry Castro’s child, Sir King, is continuing the brand’s artistic legacy.

December 5, 2023  |  Anthony DeMarco

The Castro NYC jewelry brand will live on through the child of founder Terry Castro, the popular and influential jewelry artist who died unexpectedly in July 2022.

Castro was a rising star in the design world, crafting pieces that transcended conventional artistry. His creations are notable for their liberal use of colorful gemstones, their intricate details, and their strikingly original themes. Drawing inspiration from global cultures and his personal experiences, he mixed materials such as porcelain dolls and mink fur with precious gems and diamonds.

Now his child, Sir King Castro — who uses they/them pronouns — is working to share their father’s story and carry on the brand’s legacy. Born and raised in the world of jewelry, Sir King began their journey to promote and preserve Castro’s legacy in 2021, when they represented the company at the Sotheby’s Brilliant and Black selling exhibition in London.

Sir King Castro. (Castro NYC)

“I see Castro NYC jewels as rare collectible sculptures more than I see them as just jewelry,” says the younger Castro, who aims “to share Castro NYC’s story with the world so people can find inspiration.”

As part of the brand relaunch, the company has partnered with Carpenters Workshop Gallery, a contemporary art gallery with locations in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. The collaboration will culminate in a retrospective featuring Castro NYC’s iconic pieces, which will debut in 2024 at the London branch.

Eggplant earrings with brown and white diamonds, emeralds, and smoky quartz in sterling silver. (Castro NYC)

“Terry Castro’s vision, craftsmanship and creativity are a testament to his artistry and innovation and resonate with the spirit of Carpenters Workshop Gallery,” says its head of jewelry, Tamara Platiša.

Castro died of a heart attack in Istanbul, Turkey, where he and Sir King were based and working together. His archives will be the source of future works, Sir King says. “There are many sketches and ideas that Castro created, yet to be brought to life.”

Main image: Model wearing the Drip earrings in 18-karat gold and sterling silver with white and brown diamonds, garnets, rubies, and freshwater pearls. (Castro NYC)

This article is from the November-December 2023 issue of Rapaport Magazine. View other articles here.

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The Next Generation of Castro NYC

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