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Note From the Publisher: Fancy Shapes

Fancy-shaped diamonds stimulate demand through personalization and encourage creativity among jewelry designers.

B Corp Beefs Up Certification Criteria

The ethical-standards program is making it tougher for companies to get its stamp of approval — a move that has pros and cons for jewelers.

The Lowdown on Lab-Grown Diamonds

As synthetics gain ground in jewelry collections and the minds of consumers, Rapaport Magazine takes a look at some of the latest developments in this product category.

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Beyond Rounds: What’s Trending on the Fancy-Cut Market

Ovals, emeralds, cushions and pears are some of the top alternatives for today’s customers.

On Point: The Marquise

With elongated diamonds getting lots of consumer love, this tapered cut is finding new audiences

What’s Behind the Portrait Diamond’s Timeless Appeal?

Clear cut: Flat and transparent, the lasque is the very picture of elegant minimalism.

A Budding Romance with Heart-Shaped Diamonds

Still beating strong: Jewelers and shoppers are falling in love with this cut all over again.

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Featured Store: Fana’s Flagship Takes Flight

A fresh take on a family business: The first boutique from this longtime jewelry wholesaler brings a digitally enhanced bridal experience to New York’s SoHo neighborhood.

Watch-Lovers Are Seeing Jewelry with New Eyes

Industry journalist Eleonor Picciotto has teamed up with The 1916 Company to give timepiece aficionados a gateway to jewels.

Are You Clicking with Jewelry Customers?

Here’s how retailers can optimize their online engagement to draw in shoppers and boost the bottom line.

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The Top Jewelry Trends of 2025, According to Paola De Luca

Forward looks: From craftcore to self-expression, the renowned style forecaster shares the latest insights from her annual report.

Today’s Signet Rings Are Moving Away from Monograms

Seals of approval: Personalized and one-of-a-kind styles are leading the pack, with designs that look to the future rather than connecting to the past.

Step Aside, Gold – It’s Silver Jewelry’s Time to Shine

Why this traditionally second-place metal could be a winner for retailers this year.

A Star Is Platinum Born

This luxury jewelry brand turns its namesake precious metal into faceted beads that sparkle like diamonds.

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Pomellato’s Manifesto of Freedom

The Italian maison’s choice of bright colors and smoothly hidden settings reflects its philosophy of liberation.

Perusing the Annual Arizona Gem Shows

Top finds in Tucson: From pinks and peaches to a range of blues, dozens of fairs across the city delivered vibrant color, even as steep prices left buyers cautious.

Going into the Field with The Gem Odyssey

Ground expeditions: This new program takes collectors and jewelers on educational tours of colored-stone mines.

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Christie’s Antiquities Sale Showcases Ancient Gemstone Rings

Carved into history: Cameos and intaglios from as far back as the Roman Empire dominate the New York auction.

Taking the Hammer to Synthetic Diamonds

Is there a place for lab-grown stones at auction? Four experts weigh in.

Behind the Gavel: Meet Jill Burgum of Heritage Auctions

The executive director of fine jewelry talks about her professional journey, her role models, and her love affair with Art Deco.

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The Big Book of Van Cleef & Arpels

A ‘dictionary’ of Van Cleef & Arpels’s glorious creations showcases the jewels and techniques that have made the maison famous.

What's New at Hancocks

An upgraded location for the London icon lets it sell its rare antique and vintage jewels in style.

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Tagalong Timepieces

Before mobile phones, travel clocks were the go-to for high rollers on the road — and they’re still moving in today’s market.

Wristwatches, Reimagined

New ways to tell time: From disks to dragons to rotating diamonds, innovative creators are straying from the conventional three-handed design.

Geoff Hess of Sotheby’s Talks Vintage Timepieces

Face to Face: The auction house’s head of watches for the Americas reflects on the latest trends and connoisseurs’ most coveted models.

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How the NDC’s Gabrielle Grazi Made the Most of a Rare Opportunity

Multifaceted leadership: Meet the Natural Diamond Council’s vice president of retail strategy and partnerships.

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