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Rapaport Magazine Cover January February USED 012224
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Martin Rapaport diamond industry image
Note From the Publisher: Color

The colored-gemstone market is waking up to fresh opportunities for growth as new generations of consumers look for ways to express themselves.

1280x720 technology AI Rapaport Magazine January February 2024
AI Is Revolutionizing the Jewelry Industry

From algorithm to adornment: Whether as a design aid, a data tracker, or a retail tool, artificial intelligence is making its mark — even as it raises questions of ethics and creative quality.

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1280x720 Rapaport Magazine January February 2024 Cover Story Part 1 Gemstone Market USED 012324
Four Gem-Market Trends You Need to Know About

Consumers can’t get enough of fine colored stones and cultured pearls, but the spiking demand is driving up prices and squeezing supply. Industry insiders weigh in.

1280x720 cs pricing gemstones Rapaport Magazine January February 2024 USED 012324
A Word from the Experts: Pricing Gemstones and Pearls

More precious than diamonds? Retailers paint a picture of their sales trends and challenges.

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1280x720 retail store Fourtané retail USED 012324
Retailer Fourtané Is Putting Its Focus Back on Jewelry

Opening doors: After success with its watch sales, the nearly 75-year-old company has launched a jewelry centric flagship in Carmel-by-the Sea, California.

1280x720 retail calendar USED 012324
It’s Time to Refresh the Jewelry Retail Calendar

There’s a wide array of holidays beyond the usual US stalwarts, and store owners should be tapping into that market.

1280x720 retail Q&A USED 012324
Jogani Gallery Exudes a Passion for Colored Stones

The gem devotee: For the owner of this atelier-inspired jewelry retailer in Silver Lake, California, it’s all about finding hidden treasures.

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1280x720 style intro v1 Rapaport Magazine January February 2024 USED 012324
Blush Up Your Jewels with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Feeling peachy: Padparadscha sapphires, moonstones, garnets, tourmalines, spinels, and diamonds are some of the stones that lend themselves to the chosen hue of 2024.

1280x720 style JC Omi Privé three-stone ring USED 012324
Go for a Spinel

With a rainbow of colors to choose from, this stone is quietly taking its place in the top tier of gems.

1280x720 style trends v2 Rapaport Magazine January February 2024 USED 012324
What Are the Top Jewelry Trends from the 2024 Catwalks?

Hot off the runway: See what the designers at the recent spring-summer fashion shows have in store for the year ahead.

1280x720 style designer Lauren Rubinski USED 012324
The Heart of Lauren Rubinski’s Bold Looks

All about love: The Paris-based designer is keeping it personal with her fun, stackable statement jewelry.

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1280x720 colored gem intro USED 012324
Seeing Colored Gemstones in a New Light

Two gem suppliers’ innovative cuts are making peridot and ruby shine.

1280x720 colored gem Bangkok USED 012324
Why Bangkok Is the Go-To Spot for Colored Stones

The Thai life: A steady gem supply and a history of expertise continue to attract cutters and dealers to the Asian hub.

1280x720 sponsored AGTA USED 012324
Sponsored Content: How AGTA Is Putting Ethical Standards into Practice

In this second half of a two-part series, we learn more about the American Gem Trade Association’s work and its profound impact on the sector.

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US Jewelry Auction Season Ends on an Upswing

Stellar stateside stones: Colored diamonds came out on top at the December sales, while sapphires continued to draw collectors’ interest.

Violaine d’Astorg 1280x720 auctions Q&A USED 012324
Behind the Gavel: Meet Violaine d’Astorg of Christie’s Paris

The jewelry department head talks about the diamond brooch that changed her life, and the enduring power of the Art Deco movement.

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1280x720 estate book Rapaport Magazine January February 2024 USED 012324
Experience the Jewels of the Indian Royal Courts

Adornment and Splendor: The spectacularly crafted creations of the Mughal and Deccan eras are on show in a new book.

1280x720 estate Q&A Ben Macklowe Gallery USED 012324
The Art of Collecting Art Nouveau

New rules for jewels: Dealer Ben Macklowe talks about the revival of this design movement, its most desirable pieces, and what to consider when purchasing them.

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1280x720 watches intro Cartier Baignoire USED 012324
The Classic Cartier Baignoire Is a Hit with Collectors

Working oval time: This luxuriously elongated watch has soared in popularity, particularly on the secondhand market.

1280x720 watches lacquer USED 012324
Connoisseurs Can’t Get Enough of Colored-Dial Watches

Lacquer and load: Statement timepieces in bright hues are having a revival.

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1280x720 career Q&A Jocelyn Zimmer USED 012324
The Woman Leading Zimmer Brothers Jewelers into 2024

Setting herself apart: Meet Jocelyn Zimmer, president of the fifth generation family business in New York’s Hudson Valley region.

1280x720 Brandee Dallow social responsibility USED 012324
Brandee Dallow’s Quest for a More Ethical Diamond Industry

Leading light: Every small step matters, says the Grandview Klein chief communications and sustainability officer, who has dedicated her career to forging a path of responsible practices.

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January-February 2024

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