About the Rapaport Magazine

Rapaport free digital Magazine provides jewelers, diamond dealers and manufacturers with the essential information to succeed in the world of diamonds, gems and jewelry. Pricing, news and market trend information will give your business a critical edge in this complex and competitive marketplace.

Rapaport Magazine has the courage and market intelligence to tell you what is really going on in the diamond industry and what you can do about it. We identify the challenges and the opportunities, to help you make informed business decisions.

Every subscription to Rapaport free Magazine also includes the Rapaport Price List, the primary source of diamond pricing and market information for the diamond industry. It is the international standard used to establish prices in all the major cutting centers and dealer markets.

Our mission is to give our subscribers the best information — quickly, efficiently and consistently. Knowledge is power, and we believe in sharing our knowledge with you so that you can grow your business.


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