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Note from the Publisher: Is Love Real?

The engagement ring is a way of communicating commitment privately and publicly.

Why Diamond Companies Should Recruit Tech Experts to Their Teams

Human resources: As the industry moves into the digital age, it pays to hire professionals from outside the trade – and upskill the existing workforce.

What Jewelers Can Gain from the NDC's New Education Program

Facets of learning: Gabrielle Grazi, vice president of retail strategy and partnerships at the Natural Diamond Council, lays out the basics of the group’s recently launched course.

Commerce and Conscience: The Hari Krishna Story

More than a manufacturer: Company founder Savji Dholakia went from rags to riches. Now he’s paying it forward by looking out for his community and working to solve India’s water crisis.

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Bridal Is Down Today, but It’s Ready to Bounce Back Tomorrow

Keep calm and marry on: Even with sales flagging after Covid-19, wedding jewelry is still a ‘yes’ for shoppers. Synthetics, yellow gold and personal touches are among the latest trends.

What Today's Wealthy Bridal Shoppers Really Want

Pamela Danziger, founder of Unity Marketing, offers her insights on how affluent couples choose the ring of their dreams.

An Inside Look at Engagement-Ring Trends 

Talking shop: Jewelers share their most popular designs, client requests and price points for the bridal category.

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Lana Jewelry: Designing for Movers and Shakers

Gold rush: Founder Lana Bramlette creates sexy, shiny pieces for the ‘cool girl’ at her boutique in Winnetka, Illinois.

How Kwiat Is Empowering Clients to Track Their Diamonds

From rough to ring: The retailer’s new Mine to Shine program lets bridal customers follow their stones’ entire sustainable journey.

The Untarnished Appeal of Gold

Prices may be climbing skyward, but retailers say demand for the metal continues unabated.

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The Engagement Ring That Proposes for You

Popping (open) the question: Marie Lichtenberg’s Would You Marry Me design skips the box and speaks for itself.

Heart-Shaped Jewels You Can’t Help but Love

Still pumping: This motif has been an object of affection for years now, and thanks to pop-culture trends like Barbie, the beat goes on.

Walking in a White-Gold Wonderland

This cool metal pairs perfectly with diamonds for a sleek, modern look, whether it’s for wedding jewelry or a holiday present.

The All-In-One Ring for the Modern Bride

Banding together: The trend of purchasing a combination engagement and wedding ring is in full swing.

Retrouvaí: Fusing Nostalgia and Meaning

No simple solitaire: The Los Angeles based boutique brand is creating bridal jewelry with substance.

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A Glimpse into the Gübelin Gem Museum’s Extraordinary Collection

Exhibiting brilliance: Visitors to the Swiss site can learn about the creation and allure of colored stones and get a look at the lab’s own innovations.

Why Gem Traders Are Bringing Their Best to Bangkok

Thailand’s capital is a prime spot for tender viewings thanks to its longtime status as a colored-stone hub.

A Tale of Two Grading Systems: Comparing Diamonds’ 4Cs to DANAT’s Natural-Pearl Standards

The criteria for evaluating these gems may differ in some ways, but they also have a lot in common.

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Phillips Jewelry Sales Expand to Geneva

Bidding on Europe: After enjoying success in New York and Hong Kong, the auction house is finding its niche in Switzerland.

‘Safe Choices’ Like Rolex and Patek Philippe Are Leading Watch Auctions

Still ticking along: Sale results dipped in the first half, but experts say that was just a blip in an otherwise healthy rhythm.

Behind the Gavel: Meet Sotheby’s Auctioneer Uni Kim

The deputy director for Jewelry in Hong Kong talks about her career path, her favorite pieces, and the figures who inspired her.

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The Art of Chaumet

Over two centuries of the Parisian jewelry house’s archival drawings come to life in a book on its nature-inspired creations.

Breathing New Life into Heirloom Pieces

The upsides of upcycling: Repurposing vintage bridal jewels keeps them fresh while preserving their sentimental value.

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The Omega Constellation Shines Among Vintage Watches

Star quality: Collectors are falling for the classical beauty of this much-coveted timepiece.

She’s Got Time: Female Buyers Are Transforming the Watch Market

More women are becoming connoisseurs, seeking out both old and new models for their value, style and craftsmanship.

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A Diamond Lover at Heart: Stanley Zale

The industry veteran recently joined Hill & Co. as principal consultant after 17 years at Stuller.

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September-October 2023

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