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Note from the Publisher: Art of the Cutter

Our business is and will always be about people. Technology is advancing. Are we?

Cartier’s Looking Glass Is Luxury’s Latest Frontier

Mirror imaging: The French brand’s virtual try-on device shows that the future of jewelry retail has arrived. Will the house’s competitors follow its lead?

Behind De Beers’ Diamond-Within-a-Diamond

Two-for-one deal: Finding a such a specimen is rare, but the recently unearthed Beating Heart has shed light on how such stones form.

Speak Your Mined: Responses to Martin Rapaport’s New Year Message

Here are just a few readers’ comments as the industry weighed in on the lab-grown debate.

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Brands Still Have a Long Way to Go in Their Sustainability Quest

Purpose and profit: The costs of not embracing ethical practices are rising.

Where Are All the Russian Diamonds?

Alrosa goods are still flowing into certain countries, but the details are hazy.

The Dirt on Greenwashing

Hiding unethical practices behind a veneer of sustainability is a serious issue in the luxury sector.

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The Diamonds US Consumers Want

Sparkling in the States: Industry insiders share their biggest sellers.

Six of the Hottest Diamond Cuts for Retailers

Getting in shape: What consumers are buying and why.

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The Jeweler Giving Couples a DIY Design Experience

Customers can craft their own engagement rings at Nested Yellow in Portland, Oregon.

Is It Time to Try TikTok?

Low engagement numbers and a distinct learning curve have made jewelers hesitant to embrace the popular app.

A Handy Guide to Revamping Your Jewelry Store

Remodeling 101: Top tips from experts Jesse Balaity, owner of Balaity Property Enhancement in Sarasota, Florida, and Robert Dykman, president of RAD Construction Consultants in Livingston, New Jersey.

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Cindy Chao’s Cardamom Creations

Seeds of green: Two exquisite new brooches from the Taiwanese art jeweler evoke the freshness of spring.

Lock-Themed Jewels Are Clicking with Customers

Fastener fashion: Clipping onto charms or hanging on their own, these adornments combine function and flair.

Mixing the Rough with the Smooth

Pairing uncut and polished stones in a single jewel is a striking way to evoke the earthy origins of fine gems.

French Favorite Dinh Van Raises Its US Profile

A Parisian in America: The 47-year-old brand is sharing its designs with new markets.

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The Designer Who Fuses Gems into Single Stones

A grand unified theory: Yutai’s collection uses an innovative technique to combine multiple pieces.

Arizona Shows See Scarcities, High Prices

Trends from Tucson: Sourcing difficulties and sticker shock were the talk of this year’s gem fairs.

5 Takeaways from the ICA Congress

Facets of discussion: Some 150 attendees met in Dubai for the annual conference of the International Colored Gemstone Association.

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Who Will Buy Bonhams?

With the auction house itself on the block this time, likely suitors include billionaires and big firms.

The Auction Minor-Leaguers Hitting It out of the Park

Small but mighty: People seeking to sell their jewels may think first of big-name houses, but lesser-known establishments can have as much or more to offer clients.

Interview with Sotheby’s Exec Paul Redmayne

Behind the gavel: Introducing the auction house’s senior vice president for luxury sales in Dubai.

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Exhibitors Brought Their Best to This Year’s TEFAF Fair

The international art and jewelry show took place in March in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

The Unbroken Allure of Vintage Chains

Links to the past: The appetite for these antique pieces is alive and well today.

Castello & Rossi’s Founding Duo on Finding the Perfect Piece

The real deal: Anellie Manolas and Susan Abeles talk about sourcing, transparency, and collecting versus selling.

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The No-Nonsense Italian Watch That Collectors Love

That special glow: The Panerai Luminor, initially a military model, has become an investment asset.

A Year in the Life of Watch Auctions

The hammer went down on more than $760 million in sales in 2022, says The Mercury Project. What’s next?

Tracking the Timepiece Market's Movements

Recently launched website WatchAnalytics crunches the numbers to provide pricing data for timepiece buyers.

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Get to Know Bill Brace, President of Kay Jewelers

Active role: The executive on his career path, the supremacy of the consumer, and skiing in Montana.

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March-April 2023

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