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The Weekly Gems: News and Videos from Around the Web

November 2, 2023  |  Rapaport News
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Solidarity with Israel and jewelers’ unusual confessions feature in this week’s roundup of stories from across the industry.

Going hardcore

Have you ever considered South African diamond mines as a honeymoon destination? Would you name your daughter GIA? How many different diamond shapes can you choose for tattoos? Instore reveals some crazy things jewelers have done.

100% safe

A 23-year-old jewelry-store customer was trapped in a locked safe room for about 10 hours overnight inside New York’s 580 Fifth Avenue, which houses multiple small jewelry stores and vaults. He was only freed when the doors, on a timer, popped open.

Shared values

The Israeli Diamond Exchange (IDE) shared a video calling on the international diamond community to stand with Israel after the October 7 terrorist attacks. “[The terrorists] attacked not only Israel, but the shared values of the world diamond community: peace, justice, freedom, and brotherhood,” president Boaz Moldawsky claimed in an introduction to the video.

Trendy vibes

Mood rings — one of the biggest fashion fads of the 1970s — are back. They are credited with being able to “identify” the mood of the ring wearer by a corresponding color. But how accurate are they?

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1280x720 Weekly Gems logo USED 020524 The Weekly Gems: News and Videos from Around the Web

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