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De Beers Reduces Prices of Lightbox Lab-Grown Diamonds

May 12, 2024  |  Joshua Freedman
De Beers Lightbox lab grown diamonds image

De Beers has lowered the prices of its Lightbox lab-grown diamonds in response to developments in the sector. 

The brand’s standard line, which has I to J color, will now retail for $500 per carat, the De Beers subsidiary said Friday. This compares with an earlier rate of $800 per carat, representing a reduction of 37.5%. 

Stones with D to F color, VS clarity and excellent cut will sell for $900 per carat, down 40% from the previous price of $1,500. G to H lab-grown diamonds will carry a price tag of $600 per carat, a drop of 25%. All stones have at least VS clarity and “very good” cut.  

The move is the first time Lightbox has reduced the price of its standard line since the brand launched in 2018. The fixed price of $800 per carat, irrespective of size, was one of the main innovations of the De Beers business at the launch, since lab-grown sellers had previously priced in a similar way to natural diamonds. 

Since then, prices of synthetics have tumbled, with many in the industry viewing Lightbox as overpriced

“Lightbox led the lab-grown diamond jewelry sector six years ago with its $800 a carat linear pricing, and, today, we are pleased to introduce even lower prices that more closely align with current jewelry-industry dynamics,” said Lightbox CEO Antoine Borde. 

The price reduction is permanent, De Beers noted in a separate statement. It follows a recent test at $600 per carat for standard loose stones and $1,000 per carat for D to F goods. 

“The price difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds at retail is growing fast, accelerating consumer awareness that they are fundamentally very different products,” said Sandrine Conseiller, CEO of De Beers brands. 

A Lightbox “highest-quality” 2-carat lab-grown diamond retails for around 10% of an equivalent natural diamond, Conseiller added, citing figures from data provider Tenoris.  

Image: Lab-grown diamonds from De Beers’ Element Six synthetic-diamond division. (Element Six)

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De Beers Lightbox lab grown diamonds image De Beers Reduces Prices of Lightbox Lab-Grown Diamonds

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