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The role of Rapaport Magazine and Rapaport Information Services must be to honestly communicate the diversity of views within our industry, even and especially those views we may strongly disagree with.

Tracr technology July August Magazine USED 073023 1280
Tracr Aims to Be the Trade’s One-Track Solution

Now that De Beers’ diamond blockchain platform is open to the entire industry, the next step is to get more brands and miners to sign on.

Education July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
Jewelers Gather for a Meeting of the Minds at Harvard

The recent State of the Art Jewelry Summit brought key sustainability issues to the fore.

Social Responsibility July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
An Untapped Market: Jewelry for People with Disabilities

Accessible by design: This community has had little representation in the trade, but industry activists hope to change that — and open up new business opportunities in the process.

Report Gemgeneve July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
A Fair Turnout: Highlights from GemGenève

Swiss sensation: May’s show was bigger than ever, with participants reporting strong interest in exceptional gemstones

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WDC President Feriel Zerouki July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
WDC President Feriel Zerouki Has a Powerful Vision for the Industry

At the helm of a new era: The De Beers exec plans to make the World Diamond Council more accessible and heighten awareness of responsible-sourcing issues.

July August Magzine Cover Story Stocking Stuffers 1280 USED 073023
’Tis the Season: Holiday Trends to Put on Your List

Stocking stuffers: Six retailers share the must-have styles they’ll be buying for their shelves.

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Retail Opener July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
Broken English Is Selling ‘Jewelry for Everyone’

Attainable chic: With an elegant ambiance and a range of price points, the New York boutique caters to celebrities as well as everyday connoisseurs.

Retail Renovations July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
Independent Jewelers Take the Remodeling Route

Space mission: Retailers are renovating, expanding, or moving into larger stores — whether because the pandemic boosted business, or simply to keep up with customer needs.

Retail lab grown July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
Race to the Bottom? Retailers’ Lab-Grown Doubts

Growing hesitation: Even with increasing sales, store owners remain wary of buying synthetic diamonds for stock.

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Alix Dumas Style Opener July August Magazine USED 073023 1280
Alix Dumas: Crafting the Magnificent Magnolia Brooch

The French designer describes the process behind the piece that earned her a coveted award at Couture.

CeCe Jewellery Style Designer July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
Cece Jewellery’s Playful Talismans

Interpreter of dreams: The designer behind this rapidly growing company draws on fairy tales and tattoo art to create her personalized symbolic pieces.

Style Pearls July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
The Pearl Revolution

On runways, in fine-jewelry collections, and even on TV, these shimmering gems are seeing an explosion of unconventional designs.

Style JC July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
The Perennial Appeal of Green Gems

Good green fun: Emeralds, tsavorites and other stones in this verdant shade are sprouting up in both designer and museum collections.

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Colored Gemstone Opener Ammolite July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
What’s Drawing Jewelers to Ammolite?

A product of ancient fossils deep underground in Canada, this iridescent stone is a mesmerizing alternative to opal.

Color Gemstone Lapidary July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
Is Gem-Cutting a Dying Art?

Amid financial pressures and declining training opportunities, the number of lapidaries is plummeting — but there is cause for hope.

Color Gemstone Zircon July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
From Zero to Zircon

This much-misunderstood gem deserves more attention for its brilliant fire and rainbow of color options, designers say.

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Auctions Opener JAR July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
Setting the JAR High

Pieces by the much-coveted designer sold out at Christie’s Geneva, but had a tougher time at Sotheby’s.

Auctions Geneva July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
Geneva’s Gem and Jewelry Results Gleam Despite Controversy

On the rocks: Big diamonds and Bulgari stood out at the latest Swiss auctions, which included the contentious yet high-value Heidi Horten sale.

Auctions NY July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
Low-Key Hits: The New York Spring Auctions

Sales were subdued despite record-breaking totals and several noteworthy gems.

Auctions HK July August Magazine USED 073023
Christie’s, Bonhams and Phillips Bring the Bling to Hong Kong

An ode to beauty: Diamonds of distinctive shapes and hues complemented a smattering of spectacular colored stones.

Leslie Roskind Mag July August 1280 USED 073023
Behind the Gavel: Get to Know Leslie Roskind

The senior specialist for jewelry and watches at Hindman’s newly opened New York branch chats about her professional journey, the market, and the Elizabeth Taylor collection.

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Estate Chanel Book July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
The Artistry of Chanel

Coco’s craft: A new book plumbs the creative processes behind the brand’s iconic high-jewelry designs.

Estate Multigeneration July August Magazine 1280 USED 073023
How Multigenerational Jewelers Stay in Step with the Times

Inherited traits: Family-run estate dealers build on their best traditions to attract new clients.

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Watches Opener July August Magazine USED 073023 1280
LVMH Breathes New Life into Watch Brand Gérald Genta

Reviving a legend: The master designer’s work is getting a relaunch. Here’s a look at what to expect.

Watches Small Timepieces July August Magazine USED 073023 1280
Do Smaller Watches Have Staying Power?

Dialing down the dimensions: Gender-fluid and enticingly retro, slimmer timepieces are a big hit with today’s collectors.

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Kevin Vantyghem Diamonds 1280 USED 073032
Golden Anniversary: Kevin Vantyghem Reflects on His Family Business

Living legacy: Meet the vice president of Vantyghem Diamonds, whose parents founded the company 50 years ago in Ontario, Canada.

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July-August 2023

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