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Lightbox Lab-Grown Diamonds Go Carbon-Neutral

June 5, 2023  |  Leah Meirovich

De Beers’ Lightbox lab-grown diamond brand has been certified as carbon-neutral for its entire process from rough to polished.

Independent global climate consultancy Carbon Trust calculated the complete footprint of creating a Lightbox synthetic diamond, including all raw materials, energy, waste and transportation, the lab-grown producer explained last week.

Lightbox is using 100% renewable wind energy to grow its stones during synthesis, the most intensive portion of the lab-grown process, it said. That move reduced the company’s potential emissions by approximately 79%. Lightbox is offsetting any remaining greenhouse gas emissions through certified carbon offset projects in more emission-intensive locations, including Bangladesh, China and India.

“[This] is an important milestone on our path to sustainability,” said Antoine Borde, CEO of Lightbox. “Reducing the environmental impact of creating our lab-grown diamonds is an important priority, and we will continue to pursue this goal by taking additional steps to achieve a carbon-neutral position across our entire organization.”

The company will also put a plan in place to further cut down on carbon emissions across its entire supply chain, including raw materials, transportation, and packing, it noted. Additionally, it will continue to innovate throughout its research and development to reach higher levels of efficiency within the next two years, it added.

Image: Lightbox lab-grown diamonds. (Lightbox)


Lightbox Lab-Grown Diamonds Go Carbon-Neutral

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