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GIA Evaluates Solid Lab-Grown Diamond Ring

August 6, 2023  |  Anthony DeMarco
GIA lab-grown diamond ring 1280 USED 080623

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) recently evaluated a 4.04-carat ring made entirely from a single lab-grown diamond.

The solid, faceted ring was “a significant milestone in the world of carved single-crystal diamond rings,” the lab said last week.

“Although this is not the first ‘ring’ of this type that has been reported, it is the first time GIA has evaluated a ring carved from a single laboratory-grown diamond,” Tom Moses, GIA’s executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer, added.

Gems & Gemology, GIA’s quarterly professional journal, published an online research note with gemological observations and spectroscopic features that will appear in the Fall 2023 print edition of the journal.

The GIA’s New York lab evaluated the ring, which Dutch Diamond Technologies produced together with Belgian jewelry store Heursel. It was cut from an 8.54-carat lab-grown diamond plate grown through chemical vapor deposition (CVD). The 3.03-millimeter-thick band has an inner diameter of 16.35 to 16.4 millimeters and an outer diameter of 20.32 to 20.4 millimeters, the GIA said.

“As technology continues to evolve with man-made diamond growth, we expect to see more creative ways for this product to be used,” Moses predicted.

Main image: The lab-grown diamond ring. (Gemological Institute of America)


GIA lab-grown diamond ring 1280 USED 080623 GIA Evaluates Solid Lab-Grown Diamond Ring

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