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Diamonds Through the Ages, and This Week’s Other News

April 18, 2024  |  Rapaport News
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What is the Rapaport team reading? Our editors and reporters sat down to pick content from around the web that’s helped expand their knowledge of the diamond and jewelry industry this week.

“At a time when gender lines are becoming fuzzier in the jewelry world, the latest offerings at the most recent Watches and Wonders show were on point. Big brands have taken notice that this formerly male-dominated segment is now a playground for women as well. From gender-fluid timepieces to a variety of models geared toward every type of female preference — sporty, chunky, delicate, glamorous, spicy and exotic — this year’s show had them all.”
Leah Meirovich Weekly Gems USED 041824

Leah Meirovich

News Editor

Gidon’s Selection: Diamonds Reimagined: How China’s New Generation Redefines Luxury via Self-Fulfillment (Jing Daily)

“There’s so much to unpack in this report about China’s natural-diamond market that it’s hard to know where to start. The insight that caught my eye was the steep decline in the number of Chinese consumers who are willing to purchase stones that are not ethically sourced. In particular, younger consumers are responding to a broader commitment by the industry to ethical practices.”
Gidon The Weekly Gems USED 041824

Gidon Ben-Zvi

Digital Content Manager

Joshua’s Selection: The Diamond World in Stress (Rami Baron/LinkedIn)

“Rami Baron, a long-standing executive member at the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), has written one of the most strident public attacks yet on the proposal for Antwerp to control imports of diamonds into the Group of Seven (G7) bloc. It includes a sharp criticism of Antwerp’s motives and an explanation for why the Belgian city has lost its sheen.”
Joshua Freedman Weekly Gems USED 041824

Joshua Freedman

Senior Analyst

Sonia’s Selection: Levy’s Fine Jewelry Explores Diamond History (National Jeweler)

“For all the diamond history geeks out there, Alabama-based jeweler Levy’s has added a fantastic educational resource on its website. Covering diamond origins in early human civilizations and the evolution of lapidary techniques, as well as antique cuts and famous stones, it is an engaging exploration for the trade and consumers alike.”
Sonia Esther Soltani 041824

Sonia Esther Soltani

Editor in Chief

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1280x720 Weekly Gems logo USED 041824 Diamonds Through the Ages, and This Week’s Other News

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