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Can the Trade Thrive on Generic Marketing?

October 8, 2020  |  Rapaport News

RAPAPORT… The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) is looking to work more closely with retailers and the trade to take its marketing activities to the next level, CEO David Kellie explained in the latest episode of the Rapaport Diamond Podcast.

Kellie stressed it would take an industry-wide effort to advance consumer desire for diamonds, and urged the trade to consider the jewelry featured in the “For Moments Like No Other” campaign and the categories outlined in the 2020 Holiday Trend Report, both of which were unveiled in September.

He hopes to see wider collaboration on producing jewelry for future campaigns.

Jewelry from the campaign can be viewed here and the trend report can be downloaded here.

Listen to the podcast below:

Show notes

01:35 – Early feedback about the “For Moments Like No Other” campaign.

03:55 – David explains why the campaign is international rather than localized, and the NDC’s choice to work with actress Ana de Armas.

07:39 – Will Ana’s involvement extend beyond the filming and production of the ad?

09:57 – The initial thought process and message conveyed by the NDC to the director and producers of the advertisement.

13:12 – How long will the campaign run and is the NDC thinking about its next one?

15:20 – How do you measure the campaign’s success?

17:14 – How the trade can get involved.

21:29 – What motivated the publication of the NDC’s Holiday Trend Report?

27:35 – Is the trade tapping into those trends?

31:15 – What has been the response to the NDC’s change in strategy toward publishing?

34:55 – How do you assess the level of confidence in the trade at the moment?


Can the Trade Thrive on Generic Marketing?

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