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Brilliant Earth to Offer ‘Carbon-Capture’ Synthetic Diamonds

August 3, 2023  |  Anthony DeMarco
Brilliant Earth ring from Capture Collection 1280 USED 090323

Omni-channel jewelry retailer Brilliant Earth has released two lab-grown diamond jewelry collections that it says use 100% renewable energy.

The companies supplying the stones meet “Brilliant Earth’s supplier code of conduct,” which includes “safe and healthy working conditions for all employees,” the San Francisco-based firm said Tuesday. However, it didn’t reveal the firms’ names.

The first line, The Capture Collection, employs “carbon-capture” technology to produce diamonds that are cut and polished into traditional and fancy shapes for bridal and fine jewelry. The diamonds are produced with renewable energy, Brilliant Earth said. The companies manufacturing the diamonds are located in the same region, which minimizes transportation emissions, it added.

Brilliant Earth is the first company to offer diamonds harnessing carbon captured from the air at scale directly to consumers, CEO and cofounder Beth Gerstein said.

The second line is the Renewable Collection, which uses renewable energy — primarily during the growing process — generated from wind and solar farms. This is the first time Brilliant Earth is offering lab-grown diamonds that employ renewable energy during the growing process.

Brilliant Earth has audited over 92% of its lab-grown diamond manufacturers “to ensure healthy working conditions, reasonable working hours, and fair wages,” it said.

The company’s recently announced partnership with Tracr, De Beers’ blockchain technology platform for natural diamonds, will enabling the tracking of thousands of natural diamonds from the source to customers.

Image: A ring from The Capture Collection. (Brilliant Earth)


Brilliant Earth ring from Capture Collection 1280 USED 090323 Brilliant Earth to Offer ‘Carbon-Capture’ Synthetic Diamonds

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