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Webinar: Rapaport Warning to the Diamond and Jewelry Trade

October 1, 2023  |  Rapaport News

The diamond industry is going through changes that are restructuring the very foundations of the trade. As a result, parts of the diamond business will never be the same.

Of primary importance is the impact of synthetics on natural diamonds. Another important factor is the role of government regulations.

Together, we can work towards a better future for the natural diamond business.

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10 videos
Intro [pptime time=”0:00″][/pptime]
Market Situation [pptime time=”2:50″][/pptime]
Synthetics [pptime time=”12:59″][/pptime]
Sanctions [pptime time=”37:08″][/pptime]
The Big Problem [pptime time=”50:08″][/pptime]
Action Plan [pptime time=”57:42″][/pptime]
WDC Issue [pptime time=”69:44″]1:09:44[/pptime]
Ethical Issue [pptime time=”72:36″]1:12:36[/pptime]
Conclusion [pptime time=”78:41″]1:18:41[/pptime]
Q&A [pptime time=”87:03″]1:2703[/pptime]

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Webinar: Rapaport Warning to the Diamond and Jewelry Trade

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