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The Weekly Gems: News and Videos from Around the Web

August 31, 2023  |  Rapaport News

We’ve been reading about lab-grown stones and sanctions on Russian diamonds — and watching how to sell gemstones. This is our list of this week’s picks from the world of jewelry.

Lab-grown quandary

This story addresses some of the dilemmas facing lab-grown diamond dealers and buyers. What would you do if you could decide the fate of Jonathan and Olivia?

Sanctions update

The New York Times looks at potential changes to restrictions on Russian diamonds (subscription required).

‘Stabilizing’ trend

Another one about lab-grown: Rob Bates at JCK lists the times the lab-grown industry has claimed prices of the product are stabilizing, and makes a guess for the future.

Tips for gemstones

This TikTok account explains how to make a great deal for your gemstones, offering details, tips, and real-life situations (filmed with a camera in the store).

Packed with content

Looking for a present for a jewelry lover? The Jerusalem Post reviewed different jewelry boxes to help you make a good purchase.

Frozen money

Last but not least, here you can find an example of how dealers in suspected Russian diamonds are encountering payment problems.

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Main image by David Polak.


The Weekly Gems: News and Videos from Around the Web

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