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The Weekly Gems: News and Videos from Around the Web

August 24, 2023  |  Rapaport News
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We’ve been scouring the internet for the best and most relevant content on the diamond and jewelry industry. Here’s what we found — and what the Rapaport team has been reading and watching — in the past week.

Exhibit A

Did you know that artifact thefts happen in museums “every single day around the world”? This article shows why. It also explains how security systems protect priceless objects from attack.

Lab-grown factors

Are consumers skimping on engagement jewelry so they can invest in a home? This article addresses the preferences that lab-grown diamond customers have.

Stones for stars

The TikTok account @jewelswithjules comments extensively on celebrities’ jewelry, with stories and details you very rarely will read anywhere else. You can find it here.

Green fingers

For nature lovers and for jewelry enthusiasts (and why not both?), this exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History in New York looks like a must-see.

Seasonal selections

How is the summer treating you? In case you need an autumn refresh, check out these 10 pieces of jewelry.

Departing from tradition

Bridal trends for 2023 are clear: All the rules should be broken, states Kristina Buckley Kayel of the Natural Diamond Council (NDC).

And finally…

The charm and cuteness of this six-year-old jewelry entrepreneur will make you smile even if you had a hard week.

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Main image by David Polak.


The Weekly Gems logo 1280 USED 091123 The Weekly Gems: News and Videos from Around the Web

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