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The Weekly Gems: News and Videos from Around the Web

November 9, 2023  |  Rapaport News
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Jewelry for geeks and scientific discoveries about diamonds feature in this week’s roundup of stories from across the gem and jewelry industry.

Gems for gamers

UK-based jewelry brand Serge DeNimes has announced a partnership with Xbox that sees the designer offer a range of pieces based on Microsoft’s gaming division. The 15 unique jewels include rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Cool microchips

To combat the heat our devices emit, engineers are trialing several materials, including slices of synthetic diamonds, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Diamonds in depth

Superdeep diamonds contain evidence that can provide a glimpse into the formation and growth of the ancient supercontinent Gondwana from below, according to new research a team of scientists published in Nature magazine.

Time to pay?

The FBI has arrested a Beverly Hills luxury watch dealer who’s accused of stealing about $3 million from at least 20 clients whose pieces he sold. Instead of taking a commission, he is suspected of keeping all the money for himself, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Liquid gold

Here’s one that will lift the spirits of whiskey lovers: Irish jeweler Nigel O’Reilly has teamed up with high-end Scottish distillery Aberfeldy to create seven jewels inspired by the outfit’s single malt. The collaboration is in honor of Aberfeldy’s 125th anniversary.

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1280x720 Weekly Gems logo USED 041824 The Weekly Gems: News and Videos from Around the Web

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