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GIA Introduces Paper Versions of AGS Ideal Reports

April 21, 2024  |  Joshua Freedman
GIA AGS Ideal 1280

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is now offering printed versions of AGS Ideal grading reports following its integration of AGS Laboratories.

The GIA adopted the product as a digital-only supplement to its own reports when it acquired elements of AGS’s laboratories in 2022. The certificate measures light performance, including brightness, fire, and contrast.

The document is available with regular GIA grading reports and dossiers for both natural and lab-grown diamonds, as well as with e-reports and diamond focus reports, the GIA said last week.

The move comes after the GIA returned to issuing paper dossiers after a negative reaction from parts of the industry to its shift to digital-only versions of these certificates.

Main image: The AGS Ideal report in printed and digital forms. (GIA)

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GIA AGS Ideal 1280 GIA Introduces Paper Versions of AGS Ideal Reports

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