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GCAL Launches 8X Grade for Proprietary Cuts

March 13, 2023  | 

Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL) has expanded its 8X cut grade to patented and specialty diamond shapes in collaboration with a Singapore jewelry retailer.

The first 8X Proprietary Certificates will be available in association with JannPaul Diamonds, GCAL said last week. Clients can customize the documents with their brand and logo.

New York-based GCAL introduced 8X in 2021, initially for round diamonds, claiming to offer a more exacting grade than the standard triple Ex benchmark. It uses eight aspects of cut quality to create a score.

“In 2020, and for the first time, the number of fancies coming through the GCAL lab surpassed rounds,” said GCAL chief operating officer and co-owner Angelo Palmieri.

With this trend continuing, the organization expanded the offering to oval and princess shapes last year and is working on adding cushions and radiants, Palmieri added. “Proprietary cuts are a logical addition to the 8X grading system,” he explained.

In January, Israel-headquartered Sarine Technologies announced it had agreed to buy a majority share in GCAL.

Image: Grading at GCAL. (GCAL)


GCAL Launches 8X Grade for Proprietary Cuts

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