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Elizabeth Taylor as a Timeless Diamond Influencer, and This Week’s Other News

February 29, 2024  |  Rapaport News
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What is the Rapaport team reading? The editors and reporters sat down to pick the content from around the web that’s helped expand their knowledge of the diamond and jewelry industry this week.

Gidon’s Selection: At More Affordable Retailers, Men’s Jewelry Is Booming (Yahoo!)

“I chose this article because it spotlights a change in the industry for an increasingly popular trend: men’s jewelry. For the last few years, men have ventured past the traditional watches, cufflinks and wedding bands to explore more fashion-forward styles. However, the availability of this jewelry has now moved from niche high-end brands to less expensive, larger retailers, highlighting its growth trajectory, and where the trade is moving.”
Gidon The Weekly Gems USED 022924

Gidon Ben-Zvi

Digital Content Manager

Joshua’s Selection: The Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl show
(Avi Krawitz on LinkedIn)

“Hong Kong’s polished-diamond trade has remained stable despite the weakness in Chinese demand, Avi Krawitz points out. Some useful context as the important Hong Kong shows begin.”
Joshua Freedman Weekly Gems USED 022924

Joshua Freedman

Senior Analyst

Leah’s Selection: Former CEO of Jewelry Seller Linked to Bank Scandal Sued to Undo Real Estate Deal (The Wall Street Journal)

“More than five years after Nirav Modi’s arrest for defrauding India’s Punjab National Bank of over $2 billion, the repercussions of his crime still resonate. The trustee responsible for liquidating the company’s assets is suing the former CEO of his wholesale jewelry business, Firestar Diamond, who is also accused in the case. According to the suit, Mihir Bhansali transferred property worth more than $7 million to his wife “days” after the company filed for bankruptcy to place the funds outside the reach of his creditors. (This article requires a subscription.)”
Leah Meirovich Weekly Gems USED 022924

Leah Meirovich

News Editor

Vanina’s Selection: Elizabeth Taylor’s Enduring Impact on Natural Diamond Jewelry Style 
(Only Natural Diamonds)

“In the week in which Elizabeth Taylor would have turned 91, this piece reflects on her obsession with diamonds and how her legacy lives on in many influencers’ and celebrities’ connection to them. I very much look forward to watching the three-part documentary series Kim Kardashian is producing about her.”
Vanina Weekly Gems USED 022924

Vanina Pikholc

Podcast and Video Producer

Taly’s Selection: Van Cleef Gala Night (Chloe L.)

“This video shows highlights of the Van Cleef & Arpels high-jewelry gala, from the point of view of a young TikToker who attended the event. The TikTok format makes the video absolutely beautiful, and extremely sophisticated, much like the gala itself, of course!”
Taly Weekly Gems USED 022924

Taly Cohn

Social Media Manager

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Weekly Gems logo 1280x720 USED 022924 Elizabeth Taylor as a Timeless Diamond Influencer, and This Week’s Other News

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