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Antwerp Diamantkring Backs Natural Diamond Council

May 1, 2023  |  Anthony DeMarco
Diamcor rough diamonds

Antwerpsche Diamantkring, Antwerp’s rough diamond exchange, is partnering with the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) to promote natural diamonds.

The exchange is the first diamond bourse to provide financial support to the NDC, the organization mandated to market natural diamonds, the council said last week. The Diamantkring will engage with its members to support the NDC’s campaigns and educational programs. In return, the NDC will promote Antwerpsche Diamantkring’s rough trading platforms.

The NDC, which was established by the major mining companies, is facing a budget shortage after Russian producer Alrosa withdrew its membership when the war in Ukraine broke out. The NDC has made an appeal to the industry to help fill the gap left by Alrosa, which accounted for nearly half of the NDC’s funding.

“The board of directors of the Antwerpsche Diamantkring wants to support the work of the NDC and wishes to encourage other diamond organizations or private diamond companies to follow suit,” said Michel Schonfeld, President of the Antwerpsche Diamantkring.

The NDC’s latest campaign focuses on elevating the story of natural diamonds over lab grown. Titled “Diamond Facts: Addressing myths and misconceptions about the diamond industry,” the program shows how the diamond industry supports the livelihoods of 10 million people globally, and how it compares favorably with lab-grown diamonds in terms of rarity, sustainability and long-term value.

Image: Diamcor shovel with rough diamonds. (Diamcor Mining)


Diamcor rough diamonds Antwerp Diamantkring Backs Natural Diamond Council

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