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After disappearing from the Jewelry Trade for nearly a century, Natural Pearls are now once again resuming their rightful place among the rarest and most desirable of precious gems.

Jewelry connoisseurs will delight in these exquisite, one-of-kind Natural Pearls, sourced exclusively by Rapaport from Bahrain’s pearl divers and certified by DANAT.

What is a Natural Pearl?

Natural pearls develop organically, with zero human intervention, only in very few undersea locations with the right natural conditions.

What is a Cultured Pearl?

Cultured pearls are also real pearls, but they're farmed. Due to intensive human intervention, they're more common and standardized.

Bahrain's Pearl Heritage

Since ancient times, this Gulf island has been the cradle of natural pearls famous for their luminosity, fed by undersea freshwater springs.

Pearls in Today's gem trade

Since natural pearls are less than 1% of all pearls and have unique qualities that can't be replicated on farms, they are much more valuable and difficult to source.

Sustainably Wild Harvested

Licensed divers harvest natural pearls only from approved areas, removing the upper oysters in overcrowded beds to maintain the pristine ecosystem.

Certified as Natural by DANAT

The Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones (DANAT) is the one of world’s leading gemological laboratory, education and research centers.

Exquisitely Rare

Exceedingly Desirable

Exceedingly Rare

Exquisitely Desirable

Natural Pearls Auction

February-March 2024

You’re invited to participate in the upcoming tender auction of Rapaport Natural Pearls. This auction presents some 340 lots, including a fascinating variety of shapes, sizes and colors. 

In-person viewings are available in New York and Bahrain, as well as online.  

To view the catalog, click here. To download a bid form, click here.

Bids close Friday March 8, 2024 (11am EST/7pm Bahrain Time).

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