Confirmed: Fluorescence Adds Value to Polished Diamonds

September 20, 2020  |  Sergey Ivanov, CEO Alrosa  |  SPONSORED BY: Alrosa Diamonds
Image of Sergey Ivanov: Alrosa

Scientific research conducted by HRD Antwerp and the GIA have proved polished diamonds can benefit from fluorescence.

The future of our industry relies on the willingness of consumers to choose diamond jewelry over the vast array of competing luxury items and experiences available to them. To ensure this, we need to continually innovate with new product categories to attract new generations of buyers and develop fresh, engaging marketing campaigns to capture the hearts and minds of consumers.

One market niche, for example, that offers the potential to achieve this is fluorescent diamonds. A misconception regarding fluorescence arose in the second half of the 20th century, based on fears that it may cause a “milky” appearance in diamonds and therefore make them less desirable. This is, however, incorrect.

Scientific research conducted by well-known industry institutions, such as HRD Antwerp and the GIA, have proved just the opposite – polished diamonds can benefit from fluorescence.

More importantly, research has shown that consumers see fluorescence as an exciting and valuable feature when its unique qualities are fully explained to them. Fluorescence, which adds a considerable intensity to a diamond’s sparkle, is not just real – it is also rare.

Only a small proportion of all stones display this effect, with medium-to-strong fluorescence appearing in less than 10% of all natural diamonds. Fluorescence also boosts the color of a diamond, both under normal conditions and even when outdoors.

However, their most fascinating optical attribute could well be their ability to glow in the dark. This presents the idea of a “hidden secret that only you know,” which resonates well with modern consumers who want to see and own something new, something that brings emotions and differentiates them from others. They see fluorescence as an amazing natural feature that is worth a slight premium.

For industry professionals, this provides a unique opportunity to monetize the natural feature of fluorescence by creating new revolutionary products with more added value.

As a full-cycle, mine-to-market, diamond producer, Alrosa sees fluorescence as an underexplored niche with huge and largely untapped potential. As such we intend to launch a number of powerful marketing initiatives in this segment in collaboration with jewelry retailers in key markets.

The brand concept that ALROSA is developing will not only help jewelers bring this idea to their customers, gradually changing industry perceptions, but will generate consumer demand by revealing the magic and sparkle of fluorescent diamonds to a wider market.

Image: Sergey Ivanov. (Alrosa)


Image of Sergey Ivanov: Alrosa Confirmed: Fluorescence Adds Value to Polished Diamonds

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