A Piece of the Auction

November 13, 2022  |  Leah Meirovich
Images from left to right: Prernaa Makhariaa; Beekman New York; The Futurist

Rapaport Magazine asks: Which jewel from a Sotheby’s or Christie’s sale would you most like to own, and why?

There are many unique diamonds and jewelry pieces I have liked from Christie’s and Sotheby’s. However, I would choose a piece from the recent Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in New York, since I had the opportunity to attend it personally, which makes it special for me. The diamond that took my breath away, and that I wish I could possess, is the Light of Africa, an emerald-cut, 103.49-carat, D-flawless, type IIa diamond. Further, my recent visit to the De Beers Venetia mine made me understand the process of diamond mining and the beautiful gift that Mother Nature offers us in the form of a diamond.

Prernaa Makhariaa

Jewelry blogger and influencer

I would choose Marie Antoinette’s bracelets from the Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels auction of November 2021. I was lucky enough to try them on, and they have everything I love about jewels: provenance, timeless craftsmanship and magical stones. I always tell clients not to be too obsessed with triple Ex or with color and clarity grading, because what matters is how you see the stone. In this case, these are old-cut diamonds with beautiful open culets, set in silver over yellow gold in 1776, ranging from 1 to 4 carats each, G to J color. They have carbon spots and crystals here and there (SI clarity), but it doesn’t take away from their beauty. Most jewelry from this period has been altered, [but] the bracelets remain as when Marie Antoinette wore them. I hated taking them off.

Sharon Novak

Jewelry Athenaeum

My pick is the JAR wristwatch from the Ann and Gordon Getty collection auctioned by Christie’s in 2013. I love the idea of associating myself with iconic art collectors. The idea of being able to view and shop from their magnificent collections can make anyone feel privileged. The Gettys were curious and intelligent travelers, a renaissance couple, and every piece of art, jewelry, china and handbags they collected spoke to that. The jewelry they selected was an extension of their astonishing maximalist world, with layers of eras and culture, geographies and legacies. Every piece of jewelry picked was art, from antique to contemporary, and their collection includes pieces ranging from extremely precious to non-precious material, reflecting artistic avant-garde movements. This specific watch has a quartz movement, round Arabic markers, a clear plastic case and a silicone strap. It reflects the more modern age, with the use of non-precious materials. However, being designed by JAR makes anything precious.

Paola De Luca

Founder, The Futurist

Main image from left to right: Prernaa Makhariaa; Beekman New York; The Futurist


Images from left to right: Prernaa Makhariaa; Beekman New York; The Futurist A Piece of the Auction

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