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Webinar: The Shape of the Fancies Market

September 18, 2022  |  Joshua Freedman
Fancy Shapes Webinar

Experts discussed the important topic of fancy-shape diamonds in the latest Rapaport webinar, sharing their views on what’s driving demand and how technology is changing the market.

The second in a series of sessions sponsored by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) delved into the popularity of different cuts among consumers, how manufacturing has improved, why the role of grading has changed, and whether the Russia crisis has affected the supply-demand dynamic.

It featured Nilesh Chhabria, chief operating officer at Indian polished manufacturer Finestar Jewellery & Diamonds; Avi Froindlikh, diamond director and buyer for US brand Tacori and CEO of AF Special Diamonds; and John Pollard, senior director of education at IGI. The moderator was Rapaport News Editor Joshua Freedman.

The guests also took questions from the audience on a range of issues including current supply levels and how IGI’s new cut grade for fancy shapes might affect the market.

Follow the discussion in the video above.


Fancy Shapes Webinar Webinar: The Shape of the Fancies Market

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