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Press Release: Rapaport Publishes Diamond Price Statistics Review

January 19, 2021  |  Rapaport

RAPAPORT PRESS RELEASE, January 19, 2021, New York… The Rapaport Group has released its Diamond Price Statistics Annual Report for 2020, evaluating the performance of polished-diamond prices. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the past year’s trends, and compares the price changes within specific diamond categories.

The Rapaport Diamond Index (RDI™), which tracks changes in the Rapaport Price List, fell for most categories in 2020, reflecting the dramatic decline in activity across the diamond industry when Covid-19 spread across the globe. Yet, the RapNet Diamond Index (RAPI™) rose in many size ranges, reflecting an improvement in average asking prices on RapNet. Average discounts were lower at year-end versus 12 months prior, meaning that demand was stronger relative to supply available in the market. 

The pandemic brought much volatility to the diamond sector, with periods of little-to-no trading during the lockdowns and a gradual rise in demand during the surprisingly positive holiday season.

The Rapaport Diamond Price Statistics Annual Report charts the progression of polished prices for various sizes, both in 2020 and over the past 41 years. In doing so, it provides a complete study of the global diamond market’s history, as well as its current standing.

Also included is a diamond investment analysis detailing how various diamond categories have performed over the past 10 years in relation to other common investment instruments.

The all-inclusive report is available for purchase online at for $250. It has also been released in the January 2021 issue of Rapaport Magazine.

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About the Rapaport Group: The Rapaport Group is an international network of companies providing added-value services that support the development of ethical, transparent, competitive and efficient diamond and jewelry markets. Established in 1976, the group has more than 20,000 clients in over 121 countries. Group activities include Rapaport Information Services, providing the Rapaport benchmark Price List for diamonds, as well as research, analysis and news; RapNet, the world’s largest diamond trading network; Rapaport Laboratory Services, providing Rapaport gemological services in India, Israel and New York; and Rapaport Trading and Auction Services, the world’s largest recycler of diamonds, selling over 400,000 carats of diamonds a year. Additional information is available at


Press Release: Rapaport Publishes Diamond Price Statistics Review

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