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WJN Launches Gender-Equality Survey

February 2, 2020  |  Rapaport News

RAPAPORT… The Women’s Jewellery Network (WJN) has distributed a survey to the UK jewelry trade to gain a better understanding of gender equality in the industry.

“We are very conscious that there is a lack of specific and relevant data on the experience of employees within the UK jewelry trade,” WJN managing director Victoria McKay said last week. “We want to provide the trade with an annual barometer; we’re also keen to ensure that our work in improving diversity and increasing inclusion is based on as much empirical data as possible.”

The survey, which contains about 100 questions, covers a number of topics, including work satisfaction, workplace support, recruitment, career progression and personal ambitions. While the survey is aimed at women, WJN is also encouraging individuals of all genders from across the trade to take part.

“At the moment, we’re forced to adapt generic national data; we’re very conscious that the jewelry trade, although a microcosm of the UK landscape, will have its own nuances,” McKay added. “We’re also keen to hear as many experiences from outside of the UK, as our vision is very much a global one.”

Image: A salesperson in a jewelry store. (Shutterstock)


WJN Launches Gender-Equality Survey

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