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September 21, 2023  |  Rapaport News
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This week’s picks from the world of jewelry include the missing ingredient in pink diamonds, along with the latest lab-grown stories.

Trade secret

Timeless Jeweler in Salem, Oregon, turned out to be not quite so timeless. Police say not only did the owner swap natural diamonds for lab-grown, he also closed down his business without notifying his customers or returning their property.

Fully baked

Scientists said they found the “missing ingredient” that makes a diamond pink by studying material from the Argyle mine in Australia.

Mine tragedy

Families of workers at De Beers’ Venetia mine are waiting to hear if their loved ones are among the 20 who died following a crash in South Africa involving a bus carrying employees.

A different type of proposal

Poland proposed that new EU sanctions on Russia should include a ban on diamonds originating from the country, and should also be leveled at Belarus.

Love in a lab

Famed The Bachelor jeweler Neil Lane debuted a new bridal collection in partnership with Signet-owned Kay Jewelers — made from lab-grown diamonds.

No dime for the diamond

Canadian woman files lawsuit alleging a jeweler stole a diamond given for consignment and never paid her a cent.

Main image by David Polak.

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1280x720 Weekly Gems logo USED 041824 The Weekly Gems: News and Videos from Around the Web

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