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Sodiam Rough Tender in Angola Garners $29M

November 16, 2022  |  Leah Meirovich
Sodiam Lucapa Lulo Rose

Angola’s national diamond-trading company, Sodiam, brought in $28.7 million through a sale of special rough production from the Lulo, Catoca and Luaxe mines.

Sodiam sold 1,820 carats at its fifth rough tender in Luanda, which took place between October 24 and November 15, it said Tuesday. Of the stones on offer, seven from Lucapa Diamond Company’s Lulo mine fetched a combined $20.4 million at an average price of $26,536 per carat. Some 27 diamonds came from the Catoca deposit and nine from Luaxe’s Luele pipe, both owned by Angola state mining company Endiama and Russian miner Alrosa. The diamonds from Catoca garnered $5.3 million, and those from Luaxe went for $3 million.

The seven diamonds from Lulo included a 170-carat, type IIa pink diamond called the Lulo Rose, along with 160-, 131- and 113-carat, white, type IIa diamonds. Also in the mix were three white diamonds between 45 and 81 carats. Sodiam saw participation from 37 companies at the tender, it added.

Image: The Lulo Rose. (Lucapa Diamond Company)


Sodiam Lucapa Lulo Rose Sodiam Rough Tender in Angola Garners $29M

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