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New QR Code Solution Tackles Diamond Traceability

September 26, 2021  |  Rapaport News

RAPAPORT… Antwerp-based technology and service provider iTraceiT is set to launch a new traceability solution for the diamond and jewelry industry.

The software, which can authenticate diamonds of all sizes, uses a unique QR code to record, store and display all processes performed on any gemstone from its point of origin through to its sale, the company said last week. Certain information is automatically collected by iTraceiT, such as geolocation, device, date and time, while other types of data can be attached to the digital QR code, including custom data fields.

“Our main goal has always been to build a tool that is both robust and secure but also flexible and workable,” says iTraceiT CEO Frederik Degryse. “We believe that we now have a solution that the entire industry can get behind, a system that connects all stages of the pipeline in a united effort to make the end consumer feel confident and good about their purchase.”

iTraceiT expects to launch the software later this year after piloting it with partner companies, it added.

Image: A rough diamond in tweezers. (Shutterstock)


New QR Code Solution Tackles Diamond Traceability

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