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JA Campaign Successful with Consumers

December 23, 2019  |  Rapaport News

RAPAPORT… Jewelers of America
(JA) will expand its new marketing campaign following a successful test which reached more than 3 million unique consumers and garnered positive response.

“The industry came together and we were able to execute a campaign by the industry, for the industry,” said JA CEO David Bonaparte. “The success of the test campaign gives us great promise for the future of a national campaign that can do so much for the jewelry industry.” 

JA ran “Another Piece of Your Story,” an industry-wide
collaboration created to increase consumer desire for jewelry by fostering
emotional connections, in Los Angeles between September 23 and November 3. The
campaign, which focused on female self-purchasers outside of traditional
gift-giving times, consisted of paid social-media ads, an influencer program,
and the Your Finest website, JA said last week. Your Finest connects consumers to
the stories and jewelry featured in the campaign.

Additionally, the influencers, whose followers consist of a
large portion of the campaign’s target market, each shopped at a retail jeweler
and selected designs that spoke to them, before sharing their jewelry story on
their own social media and on Your Finest. 

Of the consumers who viewed the campaign, 18% searched for a
jeweler on Your Finest, with 27% of those clicking a link through to the
jeweler’s website. Those exposed to the campaign were 22% more likely to
consider purchasing jewelry for themselves than those who did not see the
campaign, JA noted.

Image: Chris Han from the Another Piece of Your Story campaign. (Jewelers of America/Your Finest)


JA Campaign Successful with Consumers

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