Moving Pieces

August 15, 2022  |  Leah Meirovich

Rapaport Magazine asks: Which custom jewel that you’ve created has the most emotional or sentimental story behind it?

Julez Bryant: The Zigy

This piece was the last I designed in my newest collection, Summer Lovin’. It came to me during a late day in May. The sky was a bit grey, but amid the turmoil of these cumulus clouds, there was so much beauty in the darkness. Out of the blue, rays of sunshine were shooting through those fluffy pillows in the sky. It was as if a dagger of love was parting the skies. I focused on this dark beauty until the sky parted. It reminded me that each moment is equally powerful and peaceful all at the same time.

At this moment, I was reminded of the great musical creators of the ’70s, their freedom of new sounds and rhythms, and the great Ziggy Stardust [from David Bowie’s iconic album], who came shooting from the sky to save the apocalyptic future. This piece feels to me like a chance to shake things up. Amid the turmoil of a thunderstorm, new beginnings will strike. I love the freedom of my latest collection…. I just let go and let it ride.

Lorraine West: Open Heart Ring

The Open Heart ring, available at Greenwich St. Jewelers, is one of our favorite pieces we’ve designed that is associated with our emotional connection to jewelry and why it’s important to wear it. Love is at the core of our existence — giving and receiving. Wearing the Open Heart ring serves as a daily reminder to fill up your own cup of love so you have an overflow of love to share with the world around you. We want all people who wear the ring to be reminded of that sentiment. Every time we see our clients wearing their Open Heart rings, we are reminded that jewelry can be worn to make a fashion statement and heal your soul.

Frédéric Mané, Qannati: The Qannati ALPHA

As creative director, I have no limits [or] boundaries for the brand. That’s why I consider the Alpha model my favorite piece: because it breaks all rules. It looks like a watch, but it offers another perception of time: a contemplation of the expanding universe…. It is a glorious bracelet for men, yet genderless because art belongs to all…. In this piece, we also break the laws of Earth’s gravity. Under the dome of glass sapphire, we have encapsulated authentic magnetized lunar meteorite powder.

There is an opal in the center from Ethiopia, which reminds me of the cosmos in miniature; the real moon powder and slices of rough diamonds fixed around the opal are reminiscent of the big bang. Alpha’s case is made of carbon fiber with black diamonds, [and] the bracelet is carbon with rough diamonds. Carbon is one of the constituent materials…of the universe and of life. Here, with different types of diamonds, we celebrate the origin of the universe. This piece…is not for sale and will remain in the private collection of Qannati Objet d’Art. The big bang belongs to no one!

Image: Qannati


Moving Pieces

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