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Russia Sanctions: Resource Center

RAPAPORT… With the US imposing sanctions on Alrosa and other Russian…

January 1, 2023  |  Rapaport News
RAPAPORT… With the US imposing sanctions on Alrosa and other Russian entities, there is rising concern about the impact on the diamond market, considering the vast rough supplies from the country. The following is a resource center to help the trade gain clarity on the crisis and its effects on the industry.


Sept. 27: Why G7 sanctions on Russian diamonds are a body blow for Surat industry (India Today)

Sept. 27: US Imposes Sanctions on AGD and Grib Diamonds (Israeli Diamond Industry)

Sept. 26: Belgian PM Calls for G7 Sanctions on Russian Diamonds (Israeli Diamond Industry)

Sept. 26: India to Pause Rough-Diamond Imports for Two Months (Rapaport)

Sept. 25: Indian, Russian firms halt diamond trade (The Tribune India)

Sept. 22: Pressure on India as G7 looks to take the shine off Russian diamonds (EURACTIV)

Sept. 21: Diamond industry criticizes impending sanctions on Russian gemstones (Al Maydeen English)

Sept. 21: Diamonds are not forever, as Belgium ready to ban Russian stones (Euract

Sept. 22: Pressure on India as G7 looks to take the shine off Russian diamonds (EURACTIV)

Sept. 20: Diamond Industry Gears Up For G7 Russia Ban (JCK Online)

Sept. 19: Diamonds and nuclear energy? How to sanction Russia now (Luxembourg Times)

Sept. 18: Poland proposes ban on Russian diamonds, LPG in new sanctions package (Reuters)

Sept. 18: G7 to introduce Russia diamonds import ban (EU Sanctions)

Sept. 15: G7 to launch Russian diamond ban in bid to curb revenues (Reuters)

Sept. 15: U.S. Treasury Sanctions Grib Diamonds (JCK Online)

Sept. 10: Report: G7 Likely to Sanction Russian Diamonds (Israeli Diamond Industry)

Sept. 05: Press Release: Diamond Prices Continue to Fall (Rapaport)

Sept. 02: Russia-Ukraine War: 23 Diamond Firms Yet To Be Paid Us $26 Million Even After A Year. (Times of India)

Aug. 31: India asks US to allow release of funds frozen over suspected Russia diamond link -sources (Reuters)

Aug. 28: What Would More Sanctions on Russian Diamonds Really Do? (The New York Times)

Aug. 24: Cracks, loopholes and blindspots: What are the West’s Russia sanctions missing? (EuroNews)

Aug. 19: Russia’s Diamond Industry Keeps Financing War Ukraine’s Ambassador To South Africa (MENA FN)

Aug. 14: Russia’s Alrosa reports strong diamond sales despite sanctions (Reuters)

Aug. 09: OFAC Holding $26 Million in Payments Over Russia Sanctions: Report (JCK)

Aug. 07: U.S. Freezes $26M Fund Transfers, What Are The Implications For Indian Diamond Trade? (Inventiva)

Aug. 07: Zimbabwe: Submission to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Human Rights Watch)

July. 25: New Alrosa CEO sanctioned by US, sales slow for De Beers Jeweller Magazine

July. 23: EU looking for ways to restrict Russian diamonds (Big News Network)

July. 21: Diamonds for Putin: Russia is still earning $ 20 bn on metals and gemstones (Euromaidan Press)

July. 2: The US sanctions against Wagner, explained (Vox)

June. 29: ‘Cut off their funding’: US sanctions groups linked to Wagner in Africa and UAE (Euro News)

June. 29: Current State of U.S. Economic Sanctions Imposed on the Russian Federation and Covered Regions of Ukraine in Response to the Russia Federation’s Invasion of Ukraine – June 2023 (Lexology)

June. 28: US Sanctions Gold, Diamond Companies Aiding Wagner Group (Rapaport)

June. 28: US Sanctions Gold and Diamond Companies Linked to Wagner Mercenaries (IDEX Online)

June. 27: The United States Issues an Advisory Focused on the Gold Sector Across Sub-Saharan Africa (U.S Department of State)

June. 27: Questions raised about the impact of proposed US crackdown on Russian diamonds (Jeweller Magazine)

June. 21: Poland says EU’s 11th Russian sanctions package should go further (The First News)

June. 21: EU plans to finalize 11th sanctions package against Russia (United News of India)

June.19: Surat Diamond Industry Prepares for G7 Import Restrictions on Russian diamonds (The Blunt Times)

June. 15: U.S. Crackdown on Russian Diamonds Expected to Start Jan. 1 (JCK Online)

June. 15: Ministries weigh repercussions of sanctions against Russian diamonds (The New Indian Express)

June. 14: Still no agreement on the 11th sanctions package: Polish ambassador to the EU (TVP World)

May. 28: Antwerp, Europe’s diamond capital, alarmed by possible sanctions on Russian gems (El Pais International)

May. 28: De Beers Denies It Violated Sanctions on Russian Diamonds (Rapaport)

May. 28: Flat Denial: De Beers Hits Back on Claim it Broke Russian Sanctions (IDEX Online)

May. 24: UK Announces New Russia Sanctions, Including Diamond Ban (MENA FN)

May. 22: G7 Vows To Curb Russian Diamond Trade, Strengthen Measures To Weaken Revenue Streams (Solitare)

May. 20: Will a Russian diamond ban be effective? (BBC News)

May. 19: UK moves to ban Russian diamonds, with EU under pressure to follow (POLITICO)

May. 19: Europe wants to ban Russian diamond imports. What comes next? (CNN Business)

May. 19: Russian diamonds (Tortoise)

May. 15: US$20 billion for Putin. Why Western countries hesitate to impose sanctions on Russian metals and diamonds (Yahoo News)

May. 12: Russian diamonds could soon be sanctioned — disrupting the global jewelry market (CNBC)

May. 10: The G7 Wants To Crack Down on Russian Diamonds (The Motley Fool)

May. 10: The new ‘blood diamonds’: the elaborate plan to halt Russia’s trade (Financial Times)

May. 09: The West’s uphill battle to sanction Russian diamonds (Axios)

May. 08: Poland to inquire about gaps in EU sanctions against Russia, Belarus (The First News)

May. 03: What should we expect from the 11th package of sanctions (Ukraine Crisis Media Center)

May. 03: Ukraine Allies to Close More Russia Sanctions Loopholes at G-7 Japan Meeting (Bloomberg)

May. 01: EU and US divided on the next sanctions against Russia over war in Ukraine (El Pais)

Apr. 27: New EU sanctions on Russia no earlier than ‘deep into May’ – Poland (EU Observer)

Apr. 27: Russian diamonds: Belgian Parliament calls for ban on imports into EU (Fashion Network)

Apr. 27: Belgian mood turning against Russian diamonds (EU Observer)

Apr. 26: Tracking Putin’s diamonds: G7 push to ban Russian gems gathers pace (Politico)

Apr. 25: Pro-Ukraine scholars call for much tougher sanctions on Russia (Reuters)

Apr. 24: Allies resist US plan to ban all G7 exports to Russia (Financial Times)

Apr. 24: Diamond Trader Evaded US Sanctions, Attorney’s Office Claims (Rapaport)

Apr. 20: US, Ukraine Allies Consider Export Ban for Russia Over Putin’s War in Ukraine (Bloomberg)

Apr. 18: Poland opens up debate on 11th package of sanctions against Russia (TVP)

Apr. 18: Names thrown in hat for next EU sanctions on Russia (EUObserver)

Apr. 14: US sanctions on Russian diamonds: Surat industry stares at 25% job loss (Business Standard)

Apr. 13: Why Russia Can Circumvent Sanctions Using the Central African Republic (The Nation)

Apr. 13: Plan to slap fresh sanctions on Russia’s Alrosa could hit Surat diamond workers (B2BChief)

Apr. 9: The EU is trying to sanction diamonds from Russia (Texas Public Radio)

Apr. 4: Recent U.S. Sanctions, Export Controls on Russia and Belarus Underscore Compliance Concerns in International Transactions (Lexology)

Mar. 30: Russian leadership dismisses suggestions of sanctions (Jeweller Magazine)

Mar. 29: What trade does the EU still do with Russia? – Stock market news (Market Screener)

Mar. 29: Factbox: EU keeps on doing business with Russia despite sanctions (Reuters)

Mar. 27: Western Attempts To Hinder Russian Diamond Exports Contradict Industry Interests – Moscow (Urdu Point)

Mar. 25: EU Has Less Appetite For New Round Of Russia Sanctions – Polish Prime Minister (Urdu Point)

Mar. 22: Diamond Importers Might Have to Declare Russian Origin (Rapaport)

Mar. 21: Additional Sanctions Against Wagner In Sudan (MENAFN)

Mar. 20: This U.S. Government Official Wants To Block Russian Diamonds (So Be Ready) (JCK Online)

Mar. 16: The Industry’s Russia Crisis: Formulating Sanctions (Rapaport)

Mar. 16: Russian diamonds continue to flood Belgium despite sanctions (Jewelller Magazine)

Mar. 14: Surge in Belgian Imports of Russian Diamonds (IDEX Online)

Mar. 12: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had little impact on Belgium-Russia trade (The Brussels Times)

Mar: 09: Government and Industry Meet on Russia Sanctions (Rapaport)

Mar. 08: State Department, E.U. Meet With Industry Leaders Over Russian Diamonds (JCK Online)

Mar. 07: Putin’s blood diamonds: EU countries push for sanctions by May (Politico)

Mar. 07: KSE Institute study: Russia can no longer contain the effect of sanctions – it’s time to tighten restrictions (The Odessa Journal)

Mar. 06: State Department and European Commission Engage Diamond Industry to Discuss Next Steps on Russian Diamonds (US Department of State)

Mar. 06: JVC: G7 Sanctions Could Target All Russia’s Polished Diamonds (Israeli Diamond)

Mar. 03: Sanctions Year in Review 2022 – Part II: Russia (Morrison Foerster)

Mar. 01: What You Need to Know about the New Russia/Belarus Sanctions, Export Controls, Tariffs & Duties (JD Supra)

Feb. 28: Keep Alrosa Diamonds Separate, JVC Warns (Rapaport)

Feb. 28: Russian diamonds still escape European sanctions, Belgium satisfied (Globe Echo)

Feb. 28: G7 Leaders’ Statement (The European Sting)

Feb. 28: US Imposed New Sanctions, Expert Controls, Tariffs on Russia (National Law Review)

Feb. 28: Saving diamonds from war sanctions against Moscow: what’s behind a million-dollar trade (News Rebeat)

Feb. 28: Jewelers Vigilance Committee Shares Member Alert Regarding Additional Russian Diamond Sanctions Under Development (Instore)

Feb. 28: EU sanctions Russia’s Wagner group Sudan subsidiary Meroe Gold for gold mine exploitation (Republic World)

Feb. 27: Anniversary of Ukraine Invasion Brings New Sanctions for Russia (JD Supra)

Feb. 27: Report: G7 and EU Countries Could Start to Track Russian Diamonds (Israeli Diamond)

Feb. 26: G7 to ‘Work on Further Measures’ Against Russian Diamonds (Rapaport)

Feb. 25: Western countries slap new sanctions on Russia on war anniversary (Politico)

Feb. 24: One year on: the Russian invasion in mining (Mining Technology)

Feb. 22: New EU Sanctions “Could Include Diamonds” (IDEX Online)

Feb. 22: EU still has not agreed on anniversary Russia sanctions, more talks Thurs (Reuters)

Feb. 22: Dutch government announces new EU sanctions measures against Russia and Belarus to enter into force on 24 February 2023 (Baker McKenzie)

Feb. 21: EU close to deal on 10th sanctions package against Russia (Reuters)

Feb. 21: Burnt by sanctions: EU acknowledges lack of broad scope for new measures (Blitz Newspaper)

Feb. 20: West looks for ways to target Russian diamonds Bloomberg (Big News Network)

Feb. 20: Reputations at stake as Russian diamond trade survives sanctions (Jeweller Magazine)

Feb. 19: G-7 and EU looking at ways to track and trace Russian diamonds (

Feb. 16: Russian Diamond Exports Increased After Ukraine Invasion, Stats Show (JCK Online)

Feb. 15: EU Struggles To Keep Sanctions Afloat As Russian Ships Change Flags (The European Conservative)

Feb. 14: The Industry’s Russia Crisis: The Importance of Alrosa (Rapaport)

Feb. 14: Russia’s growing trade in arms, oil and African politics (Financial Times)

Feb. 13: Russian banks and exports set to be hit in new EU sanctions (Politico)

Feb. 13: Brussels Playbook: New Russia sanctions — Winter forecast — Breeding unicorns (Politico)

Feb. 10: Diamonds in the spotlight as new EU sanctions approach (Jeweller Magazine)

Feb. 09: Belgium: “Russian Diamonds are Blood Diamonds” and Should be Boycotted (Israeli Diamond)

Feb. 07: 2022 Year-End Sanctions and Export Controls Update (Gibson Dunn)

Feb. 02: A 2023 Russia-African Trade Summary – Russia Briefing News (Russia Briefing)

Feb. 02: U.S. Seeks to Tighten Rules on Russian Diamonds (JCK Online)

Feb. 01: Russian Diamonds Are Belgium’s Best Friend — But For How Much Longer? (WorldCrunch)

Feb: Industry Risk Report: February 2023 (Jewelers of America)

Jan. 31: India: Diamond Traders Wary of Purchasing Russian Diamonds in Rupees (Israeli Diamond Industry)

Jan. 30: Belgium Calls For Global Boycott of Russian Diamonds (IDEX Online)

Jan. 27: The Castellum.AI dashboard provides consolidated Russia sanctions data. (Castellum.AI)

Jan. 27: Russian diamonds lose their sparkle in Europe (POLITICO)

Jan. 23: Russian Sanctions: Rupee Deals Hit by Currency Worries (IDEX Online)

Jan. 22: Lucara Boss Urges EU to Sanction Russian Diamonds (IDEX Online)

Jan. 18:India Diamond Traders Hit by Rupee Risks Amid Russia Supply Woes (Yahoo news)

Jan. 18: EU considers classifying Russian diamonds as ‘blood diamonds’ (The Brussels Times)

Jan. 17: Time to put Antwerp’s Russian diamonds on EU sanctions list (EU Observer)

Jan. 16: EU exploring further sanctions against Russian diamond industry (Jeweller Magazine)

Jan. 16: Russian Aggression Robs Surat Diamonds Of Global Dazzle (Vibes of India)

Jan. 15: Poland and Lithuania Call for EU Diamond Sanctions on Russia (IDEX Online)

Jan. 10: Russia’s war on Ukraine: A sanctions timeline (PIIE)


Oct. 12: No Diamonds in EU Sanctions on Russia (Rapaport)

Dec. 22: Here’s how sanctions are impacting the Russian economy (World Economic Forum)

Sep. 30: What are the sanctions on Russia and are they hurting its economy? (BBC News)

Sep. 29: New EU Sanctions Spare Russian Diamonds (Rapaport)

Sep. 6: Rapaport Press Release: Trade Uncertainty Clouds US Holiday Optimism (Business Wire)

Sep. 5: Six months into war, why are Russian goods still flowing to US? (Business Mirror)

Aug. 31: What Kimberley Process Certification Does—And Doesn’t—Guarantee (JCK)

Aug. 28: Sanctioned Russian diamonds flowing to global market – Bloomberg (Big News Network)

Aug. 25: Russia Blames the West for “Unfounded” Accusations of its KP Compliance (Israeli Diamond Industry) (Israeli

Aug. 18: Russia’s sanctions prove to be a blessing for Gem Diamonds (Mining Review Africa)

August 16: Russia Fights Efforts to Declare It an Exporter of ‘Blood Diamonds’ (The New York Times)

July 26: Russian jewellery sales up 50% (Professional Jeweller)

July 25: Diamantaires gaze at a 15-20% cut in revenue this fiscal (CRISIL)

July 22: De Beers living the high life with Russian rival Alrosa out the picture (Professional Jeweller)

July 7: Nonprofit Urges Europe to Outlaw Russian Diamonds (Rapaport News)

July 6: India’s diamond industry loses its shine amid tough sanctions on Russia (Channel News Asia)

June 30: JVC Member Alert: Russian Gold Ban (Rapaport News)

June 26: Russia Is ‘Elephant in the Room’ as KP Session Ends (Rapaport News)

June 22: Alrosa to Maintain Production Plan: Report (Rapaport News)

June 21: Civil society group flays diamond watchdog as Russia avoids censure (Reuters)

June 19: Kimberley Process should stop turning blind eye to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and    take fight against conflict diamonds seriously (Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition Press Release)

June 17: Q&A: Jewelers Vigilance Committee’s Sara Yood (JVC)

June 14: Civil Society Calls to Suspend Russia from Kimberley Process (Rapaport News)

June 9: Russian diamond sanctions open door for De Beers to raise prices 7% (Professional Jeweller)

June 7: Russia-Ukraine war may lead to shortage of diamonds in coming festive season (CNBC)

June 7: Webinar: A Russian Awakening (Rapaport News)

May 31: How the War Has Shaken Up Diamond Supply (Joshua Freedman)

May 27: Alrosa not planning to suspend production amid sanctions – CEO (Interfax)

May 25: No Russian rocks! US companies want cast in stone guarantee (Economic Times)

May 20: Canada Bans Russian Caviar, Vodka and Diamonds in Latest Sanctions (Wall Street Journal)

May 20: Russia-Ukraine Crisis Hits Diamond Industry in Gujarat (MSN)

May 18: Russian Sanctions Timeline

May 18: De Beers may have gained market share amid US-led sanctions on Russia’s Alrosa (miningmx)

May 11: Russia Sanctions Are Increasing Diamond Prices by 20% (Yahoo)

May 11: Diamond Prices Are Spiking and Even De Beers Can’t Fill the Gap (Bloomberg)

May 10: Rapaport Bans Russian Diamonds (Rapaport Press Release)

May 10: A Wake-Up Call from Russia (Rapaport Magazine)

May 5: Russia Produces a Third of the World’s Diamonds. Now They’re Coming Under Scrutiny (

May. 1:  Alrosa Poised to Sell Diamonds to Gokhran (Rapaport News)

Apr. 25: UK Slaps 35% Tariffs on Russian Diamonds (Rapaport News)

Apr. 18: DDC New Guidance on U.S. Sanctions on Russia Relating to the Diamond Industry (Diamond Dealers Club)

Apr. 16: GJEPC Trade Advisory (GJEPC)

Apr. 15: *FAQs about the Russia Sanctions (JVC)

Apr. 13: Israeli Diamond Traders Fund Putin’s War Machine in Ukraine (Haaretz)

Apr. 12: *American Gem Society Notice to Members (AGS)

Apr. 11: World Diamond Council Removes Alrosa  (World Diamond Council)

Apr. 10: US Imposes Further Sanctions on Alrosa (Rapaport News)

Apr. 8: JVC Notice to Members (JVC)

Apr. 8: *US Jewelry Council Advisory Notice (US Jewelry Council)

Apr. 7: *The United States Sanctions Major Russian State-Owned Enterprises

Apr. 7: Russian Harmful Foreign Activities Sanctions Regulations – 31 CFR part 587 -GENERAL LICENSE NO. 24 (OFAC)

Apr. 7: *Lawmakers Seek Review of Sanction ‘Loopholes’ (Rapaport News)

Apr. 7: Analysis: Crisis Mismanagement (Rapaport News)

Apr. 6: **Rapaport Press Release: Rapaport Group Takes Action Following Russian Invasion

Apr. 6: GJEPC India Notice to Members  (GJEPC India)

Apr. 6: Kering Joins Exodus from RJC (Rapaport News)

Apr. 5: Moscow Bourse Suspends WFDB Membership (Rapaport News)

Apr. 4: Bulgari Quits RJC Board (Rapaport News)

Apr. 3: Alrosa Leaves the Responsible Jewellery Council (Rapaport News)

Mar. 31: Zelensky: Peace Worth More Than Diamonds (Rapaport News)

Mar. 31: Chopard Stops Sourcing Russian Diamonds (Rapaport News)

Mar. 30: RJC Head Iris Van der Veken Resigns (Rapaport News)

Mar. 30: Pandora Exits RJC over Boycott Dispute (Rapaport News)

Mar. 27: UK Lays Down Sanctions Against Alrosa (Rapaport News)

Mar. 27: Tiffany Presses ‘Pause’ on Russian Diamonds (Rapaport News)

Mar. 20: Signet Halts Trade in Russian Diamonds (Rapaport News)

Mar 17: Sanctions, What Sanctions? (IDEX)

Mar. 16: * Analysis: The Diamond Origin Dilemma (Rapaport News)

Mar. 16: EU Bans Exports of Diamonds to Russia (Rapaport News)

Mar. 15: Guidance Regarding US Sanctions Against Russia: Notice to Rapaport Members

Mar. 15: EU ban on exports of diamonds and other luxury goods to Russia

Mar. 15: Russian Goods Cut Elsewhere Are Legal, Says JVC (Rapaport News)

Mar. 14: ** Rapaport Statement: Russian Invasion’s Impact on Diamond Prices

Mar. 14: Updated guidance from the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC)

Mar. 14: Statement from the NY Diamond Dealers Club

Mar. 14: Letter from Kimberley Process (KP) Civil Society Coalition

Mar. 13:  US Bans Imports of Russian Diamonds (Rapaport News)

Mar. 11: US Department of the Treasury – Russian harmful foreign activities sanctions 1027 FAQs

Mar. 11: US executive order prohibiting imports of nonindustrial diamonds originating in Russia

Mar. 11: Statement by the GIA

Mar. 10: Indian Cutters Face Sales Drop: Report (Rapaport News)

Mar. 10: JVC member alert following US ban on Russian diamond imports

Mar. 8: US Department of the Treasury – Russian harmful foreign activities sanctions 1019 FAQs

Mar. 8: Rapaport Webinar: Politics, Economics, and Diamond Prices

Mar. 8  Alrosa US Chief Leaves Role at Diamonds Do Good (Rapaport News)

Mar. 8: Podcast: Questions About Russia (Rapaport News)

Mar. 6: Alrosa Sales Continue via Non-Dollar Payments (Rapaport News)

Mar. 6: Alrosa to Stop Funding the Natural Diamond Council (Rapaport News)

Mar. 3: Alrosa Quits RJC Board over Ukraine Crisis (Rapaport News)

Mar. 2: Should the Industry Still Sell Russian Goods? (JCK)

Mar. 2: When It Comes to Russian Diamonds, Industry Is Watching, Waiting (National Jeweler)

Mar. 2: Alrosa Profit Soars as Focus Turns to Sanctions (Rapaport News)

Feb. 28: Rapaport Trade Alert (Rapaport News)

Feb. 28: Analysis: Ukraine Crisis Leaves Diamond Industry Vulnerable (Rapaport News)

Feb. 28: India Fears Effects of Russia Sanctions on Supply (Rapaport News)

Feb. 27: US Places Sanctions on Russian Miner Alrosa (Rapaport News)

Feb. 25: US Sanctions Target Alrosa and Its CEO (JCK)

Feb. 25: Alrosa Lands on US Sanctions List After Russia Invades Ukraine (National Jeweler)

Feb. 24: US Department of the Treasury announces sanctions against Russia

Feb. 24: JVC directive to the trade


Russia Sanctions: Resource Center

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