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Webinar: Changes, Challenges and Opportunities

November 24, 2021  |  Rapaport News

RAPAPORT… The diamond industry began the holiday season with confidence even as polished prices stabilized or softened in some categories.

Good US retail sales have stimulated positive sentiment across the diamond pipeline in the second half of the year, but a rise in midstream inventory has impacted wholesale price growth, Rapaport Senior Analyst Avi Krawitz explained in the quarterly Diamond Trends Webinar last week.

The trading cycle should normalize in 2022 following Covid-19-related disruptions, Krawitz predicted. However, he urged the trade to take note of broader changes currently shaping the diamond market. Those include shifts in the rough market, the impact of technology on the trade, the industry’s attitude to social responsibility, and consolidation that is taking effect.

These combined elements are driving the market toward greater efficiency, which will present both challenges and opportunities, Krawitz noted in the presentation.

Watch the full webinar here:

Image: Rings scattered among loose diamonds. (Shutterstock)


Webinar: Changes, Challenges and Opportunities

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