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Webinar: A Russian Awakening

June 7, 2022  |  Rapaport News

After a year of prosperity in 2021, the trade is dealing with uncertainty related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, as well as continued Covid-19 shutdowns in China and economic caution in the US.

The conflict has fundamentally changed the dynamic in the diamond and jewelry industry, noted Rapaport senior analyst Avi Krawitz in the latest installment of the “Diamond Trends” webinar series.

Polished inventory levels remain high, but shortages will likely start to show in the third quarter as Russian rough is largely off the market, Krawitz said. The presentation outlines current supply, demand and price dynamics shaping the diamond market, and presents various scenarios and trends that may develop as a result.

Watch the webinar here:


Webinar: A Russian Awakening

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