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Graff Buys 476ct. Prosperity Diamond for $16.5M

December 21, 2017  |  Rapaport News

RAPAPORT… Graff Diamonds has spent $16.5 million on the 476-carat Meya Prosperity diamond,
the second high-profile Sierra Leone rough stone that the luxury jeweler has bought this month.

Meya Mining, a subsidiary of Trustco
Resources and Germinate Sierra Leone, recovered the stone last month
during its first extraction of diamonds from its mine in the nation’s Kono
district. The company later named it the Meya Prosperity diamond.

“Graff is best-placed to take the Meya Prosperity
story forward, with a proven track record in exceptional stones,” said Meya
Mining CEO Jan Joubert in a statement Thursday. “It is important that we align
ourselves with companies that understand our core values and aspirations —
transparency, accountability and integrity. Graff is a company that represents

Graff’s purchase of the 29th largest diamond in
history for an undisclosed amount comes shortly after the London-based brand
spent $6.5 million on the 709-carat Peace Diamond at an auction managed by the
Rapaport Group.

“This year we have acquired four of the most important
diamonds in history,” said Laurence Graff, chairman of Graff Diamonds. “We are
extremely proud to be the custodians of such exceptionally rare stones. The
coming months will bring much excitement as we begin to unveil the results of
cutting and polishing these incredible stones. We will soon reveal some of the
most fabulous and valuable diamonds that the world has ever seen.”

Image: Donald Woodrow


Graff Buys 476ct. Prosperity Diamond for $16.5M

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