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GIA to Offer New Jewelry Reports 

June 23, 2024  |  Suzanne Watkin

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has begun a pilot program for a new component-based jewelry report.  

The service will provide a comprehensive description of each submitted piece, including metal verification; gemstone characteristics such as carat weight, clarity and color; and any existing engravings. Details of jewelry set with diamonds that already have existing GIA report numbers will be included in the report and will be linked to GIA’s Report Check for added verification, the institute said last week. 

The new GIA jewelry report image
The new GIA jewelry report. (GIA)

GIA will also give an option to purchase a 360-degree video of the item, it noted. Report numbers will be alphanumeric, assuring a unique and secure identification for each piece.  

“This service is an extension of GIA’s ongoing commitment to ensure consumer confidence and trust in jewelry,” said Tom Moses, executive vice president and chief laboratory officer at GIA. 

Main image: Diamond rings. (Shutterstock)


GIA to Offer New Jewelry Reports 

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