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Blue Nile Reveals Which Shapes Sell Best

May 21, 2019  |  Rapaport News

RAPAPORT… Round diamonds have long been the most popular in the US, but fancy shapes also have a following in certain cities, according to a study by Blue Nile.

Round-cut diamonds continue to be the most popular shape in
most states, accounting for 66% of nationwide orders, the jeweler said last
week. However, when it comes to fancies, Blue Nile receives the most orders for
emerald and princess cuts from Dallas, Texas, while pear-shaped and radiant-cut
diamonds are most popular in New York City.

Los Angeles residents are the
biggest consumers of vintage-inspired marquise-cut stones, and Chicago took the
top spot for oval-cut diamonds. Orders for ovals have doubled
nationwide in the past three years, Blue Nile noted.

“While the round cut is always the most popular because of
how it optimizes fire and brilliance, we’ve noticed that engagement-ring trends
vary based on where our customers reside, and it’s those trends that tell a
story of their own,” said Blue Nile chief merchandising officer Katie

Solitaires have been the preferred setting for decades, accounting for 39% of all orders, while halo settings came in second. 

The biggest stone Blue Nile has sold in the past year was an
8.04-carat princess cut, which was purchased in Charleston, South Carolina. Honolulu, Hawaii, is home to the largest heart-shaped diamond purchased,
weighing 4 carats.

When it comes to metals, platinum is the top choice nationwide, comprising 42% of total US sales, with San Francisco residents making the majority of purchases. Atlanta,
Georgia, orders the most rose gold, and sales of the metal in the country have
doubled in the last three years, the jeweler said. Gold is most popular in
Texas, with Dallas ordering more white gold than any other city, while Houston opts
for yellow.

Image: A platinum-set round solitaire engagement ring. (Blue Nile)


Blue Nile Reveals Which Shapes Sell Best

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