When Buying a Diamond, Does Size Really Matter?

February 13, 2018  |  Rapaport News  |  SPONSORED BY: Sarine Technologies

We asked women around the world: Are the 4Cs something that matter to you when buying or receiving a diamond?

“People get too hung up on size. Bigger isn’t always better. A diamond can be big, but that doesn’t mean it’s pretty. Carat was the least important to me when I chose my engagement ring. I knew what color I wanted, then I just focused on the cut, which does, of course, affect its clarity.”

Samantha Lewis, United Kingdom

“When buying a diamond, the 4Cs most certainly matter, otherwise I could just buy a mounted quartz crystal. While they all come together to make a piece the most brilliant, it is carat that matters the least to me. I would rather have a small, high-quality and well-cut diamond that dazzles in its brilliance than a large dull rock that couldn’t catch the light of a solar flare.”

Yael Moav, Israel

“The 4Cs help me determine what is most important when buying a diamond. Personally, I would sacrifice size to have a flawless diamond.”

Kelly K. Oliver, Missouri, USA

“A diamond should catch your eye, no matter how big or small it is. It should make a statement and be noticed. The cut of the diamond is the most important feature to me; the more it sparkles, the better.”

Sharona Schreiber, New York, USA

“While shopping for my diamond, I found myself focusing on the cut of the diamond more than anything else. What was important to me was how the diamond looked on my finger and how the shape depicted my personality. Once I focused on the cut, I was able to shop for the size, clarity and color.”

Adi Landesman, Israel

“No one is going to look at the engagement ring and ask about its technical qualities. The beauty of the ring is the proposal and love story behind it, so carat doesn’t mean anything to me. I care only about its look, and I do think that little imperfections can be a nice quirk.”

Jannelle Nolan, Australia

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When Buying a Diamond, Does Size Really Matter?

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