Rare & Forever: AI Graded Natural Diamonds

May 24, 2023  |   |  SPONSORED BY: Rare & Forever Natural Diamonds

RDI Diamonds presents Rare & Forever, an exclusive collection of hand-selected natural diamonds. Rigorously screened and graded by cutting-edge AI technology for the highest quality and consistency.

If you’re challenged with grading inconsistencies, shrinking margins, and online price-comparisons, Rare & Forever is the solution!

We Do Diamonds Differently. With such a rigorous selection process, Rare & Forever guarantees that only the most beautiful diamond will become a Rare & Forever diamond.

Pre-Screened for No BGM: Rare & Forever screens for brown tints, green tints, and milky hues that other diamond sellers do not. When these tints and hues are present, it greatly devalues the diamond.

Graded for Light Performance: Rare & Forever measures the sparkle and fire in every diamond. This means that the Rare & Forever diamond sparkles bright in every lighting condition, from a dimly lit room to bright sunlight.

Graded by AI Technology: Rare & Forever is one of the first and few diamond companies in the world that uses AI Technology to grade diamonds. This process ensures that the diamonds are graded with accuracy and consistency, giving you exactly what you pay for every time.

Extra Security Features: Rare & Forever inscribes diamonds with a special security feature—an ionic inscription. This special security feature is located under the surface of the table and can never be buffed out or removed.

Upgrade for Life: Rare & Forever’s Upgrade for Life policy allows your customer’s diamond to grow as their love grows. If your customer buys a diamond and later in life decides they want to upgrade, they can!

Diamonds that Give Back: With the purchase a Rare & Forever diamond, you can be confident that your diamond is giving back. Rare & Forever supports both local and global charities like C.U.R.E. Childhood Cancer Association and Diamonds Do Good.

To learn more about how to become a preferred Rare & Forever partner and how we can give you the competitive edge you need for your business, visit become.rareandforever.com/learn-more/


Rare & Forever: AI Graded Natural Diamonds

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