How to Tell the Amazing Story of Diamonds to Your Customers

December 19, 2017  |  Sonia Esther Soltani  |  SPONSORED BY: Diamond Producers Association

Get insights into the diamond market, combined with in-depth research into key issues.

“Love and engagement rings are the foundation of diamond demand. In my view, the whole point of the engagement ring is that the man is giving the woman — or partner to partner — something of great value that will retain value… Snapchat millennials or not, getting engaged to be married is not about creating a snap-relationship with a snap synthetic diamond that does not retain value.”

That’s what Martin Rapaport wrote in April 2016. Rapaport is not one to mince words, and he has always been very clear about his position on lab grown diamonds. Although he has never advocated for removing them from the market, he has — as with every other aspect of the industry —
demanded transparency.

This is why a collaboration between Rapaport Magazine and the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) is a natural one. Our publisher, John Costello, has been vocal about the magazine not accepting advertisement from synthetics manufacturers, and our core mission is to analyze, support and celebrate the natural-diamond industry.

Sonia Esther Soltani, Editor in Chief, Rapaport.

The special supplement you’re holding now is the result of the DPA’s insights into the market and passion for diamonds, combined with our contributors’ in-depth research into key issues: the scientific, ethical, marketable, historical, commercial and overall emotional aspects attached to a diamond.

As with our previous supplements, we expect it to be a tool with longevity — a reference for jewelers, empowering them to share the fascinating story of diamonds with their customers.

Diamonds are “the only stones that sparkle, even in the rough. They are indestructible and can be passed through families, generation to generation,” according to Susan Farmer, consultant to De Beers. This is the level of enthusiasm we want everyone who comes in contact with diamonds to feel, especially if it’s backed by knowledge and understanding of this compelling industry.

Good storytelling is fueled by colorful facts, lively anecdotes, and an unambiguous message. We hope this supplement feeds the fire and serves to enlighten those who read it.


How to Tell the Amazing Story of Diamonds to Your Customers

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