How RDI Diamonds Is Embracing the Digital Age

June 15, 2022  |  Michael Indelicato, Founder & CEO of RDI Diamonds  |  SPONSORED BY: RDI Diamonds

It’s an exciting time to be in the jewelry business. While pandemic disruptions and changing consumer behaviors have challenged the way we operate, they have also accelerated a long-overdue modernization of our industry and delivered us to the Digital Age.

With 30 years of business under our belt, RDI Diamonds is committed to embracing innovation and forging change to better serve jewelry buyers.

That’s why we are excited to have an entire Rapaport supplement dedicated to the digital transformation of our industry and proud to be a sponsor. It’s a cause we are passionate about, as our futures depend on it.

As you look to ignite or accelerate technology in your business, this supplement guides you through advancements that can help you deliver more authentic, transparent shopping experiences, improve your
margins, and win new business.

Here you’ll get a closer look at innovation, including artificial intelligence (A.I.), an advanced technology
that is improving diamond buying by delivering more accurate, consistent grading reports. Machine grading using A.I. makes it easier for you to show consumers exactly what they are buying.

You’ll also get information on tools that leverage A.I. and big data to help you connect with shoppers online and welcome them to your stores. You’ll learn not only how to use these innovative marketing and sales tools, but how to ensure that the data they collect is safely protected.

RDI Diamonds is committed to helping customers like you embrace these digital opportunities to create
new and better conversations at the retail counter, conversations that garner trust and help to build life-long relationships.

We keep our finger on the pulse of innovation and provide our jewelers with powerful digital tools and we offer Rare & Forever Diamonds, an exclusive collection of natural diamonds that are hand-selected for their highest quality and consistency and graded with proprietary, cutting-edge A.I. technology.

We’re fully embracing the digital age and we’re here to help you embrace it, too. You can learn about
our family of jewelers and how you can become an authorized Rare & Forever jeweler at:

Image: RDI Diamonds


How RDI Diamonds Is Embracing the Digital Age

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