Here’s the Way to Boost Your Jewelry Business

August 20, 2021  |  Michael Indelicato, Founder and CEO RDI Diamonds, America's Diamond Specialist  |  SPONSORED BY: RDI Diamonds
Michael Indelicato (RDI Diamonds)

Emerging trends in the jewelry business will help shape the industry’s future. First and foremost, what’s trending is personalization. Another important post-pandemic trend is accuracy.

We at RDI Diamonds are delighted to sponsor this year’s special Rapaport supplement dedicated to
the tools needed to boost the jewelry business. After the year our industry has experienced, it’s safe to say that what we need most is what we have all demonstrated — resilience. Add to that creativity and a willingness to embrace innovation, and you’ve got the makings of a roadmap to success.

Emerging trends in the jewelry business will help to shape our futures. First and foremost, what’s trending is personalization. It’s perhaps never been more important to forge a personal connection with customers. Many were forced to put purchases and plans on hold. They are ready to revisit them, and they want to feel good about their diamond purchase. Part of feeling good is having trust in the jeweler they choose. As a family jeweler, you can build and win their trust by leveraging marketing tools to showcase your unique offerings and expertise, and to set you apart from what is often your biggest competitor — the internet.

With customers spending so much time online, you need to create an enjoyable digital experience that helps build relationships before clients even set foot in your store. This positive buying experience can pave the way to a lifelong relationship between you and your customers.

Another important trend to have on your radar post-pandemic is accuracy. It plays into the importance of trust. Customers want clear and accurate grading reports and an understanding of the value their diamond holds.

Lastly, don’t forget about the aesthetics of diamonds. It’s what diamonds are all about. Does your inventory include new diamond cuts and age-old favorites that are winning over customers?

We’re proud to say that RDI Diamonds has its finger on the pulse of the trends that are shaping our industry, and we are committed to continually evolving our business to help you evolve and grow yours.

That’s why we offer Rare & Forever Diamonds, an exclusive collection of natural diamonds that are handselected for their highest quality and consistency. They are screened for brilliance and graded with proprietary, cutting-edge technology.

We continue to update our inventory to give family jewelers like you what your customers want and to empower you with tools to engage with customers and provide the education they need to feel confident
about what is often one of the most important and largest purchases in their lifetimes.

Learn how you can boost your business by becoming an authorized Rare & Forever jeweler.

Image: Michael Indelicato. (RDI Diamonds)


Michael Indelicato (RDI Diamonds) Here’s the Way to Boost Your Jewelry Business

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