Special Report


September 2023

Spotlight on Sustainability

The GIA Sustainability Agenda
GIA's environmental, social and governance program sets to integrate sustainability policy and practices into its core business strategy.
What’s Your Business Doing to Make Jewelry More Sustainable?
Ten jewelry industry experts share their thoughts and the steps they’re taking to build a better future.
A Pair of Carbon Footprints: Setting the Bar for Natural and Lab-Grown
Should lab-grown and natural stones meet the same ethical guidelines?
How the Jewelry Trade Is Cleaning Up Its Green Lexicon
Governments and groups are working to nail down definitions for green buzzwords and keep the jewelry trade accountable.
Clients Need Real Talk from Retailers About Sustainable Jewelry
How jewelry retailers can get their sustainable message across to customers.
Eco-Friendly Is the Mother of Invention for Diamond and Jewelry Companies
A look at some of the creative ways jewelry companies are helping protect the environment.
Recycle or Reform? Getting to the Source of Responsible Jewelry
Jewelers are reusing and reinventing pre-owned goods and waste products — but it may not be enough.


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