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HB Launches Digitally Protected Diamond Capsule

September 18, 2022  |  Joshua Freedman
HB Capsule

Belgian manufacturer HB Antwerp has unveiled a digitally secured diamond vault for individual stones, claiming the device ensures origin verification and protects goods from tampering.

The new HB Capsule can only be opened by authorized people who are next in line to interact with the diamond, the company said Thursday. The system uses blockchain technology and data analytics to track every stage of a diamond’s journey and registers every time the vault is unlocked. It also captures “thousands” of data points along the journey and stores the information on HB’s digital ledger, which it has created in partnership with Microsoft.

The device makes the company the diamond industry’s first to “guarantee provenance without disclaimer,” it said.

“Replacing the century-old parcel paper with an Internet of Things (IoT) device enables us to not only store the actual diamonds but also all the data created during their transformation process from rough to polished,” said HB Antwerp cofounder Shai de Toledo.

Image: The HB Capsule. (HB Antwerp)


HB Capsule HB Launches Digitally Protected Diamond Capsule

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