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‘Don’t Buy Blood Diamonds!’ Urges Martin Rapaport at JCK

June 4, 2024  |  Hedva Engle
Martin Rapaport of JCK 2024 image

During the annual Rapaport Breakfast at the prominent JCK Las Vegas event, Martin Rapaport, Chairman of the Rapaport Group, addressed a packed audience on the critical issues facing the diamond industry, with a focus on ethical sourcing and consumer education. Urging his audience to “sell value and not price,” Rapaport provided clear guidance on best practices, emphatically stating, “Stay with natural!” 

The breakfast opened with featured insights from guest speakers Mmetla Masire, Managing Director of Okavango Diamond Company, and Maksud Agadjani, founder of TraxNYC Custom Jewelry.  

Sharing his personal connection to the industry, Masire stated, “I am a product of diamonds,” illustrating the positive socioeconomic impacts diamonds have had on Botswana’s development. He emphasized the importance of provenance, traceability, and the right consumer information as pillars for building consumer confidence and ensuring diamonds are a force for good.  

Agadjani contributed to the discussion, emphasizing the critical role of social media in shaping perceptions, and the urgent need for the diamond industry to use modern communication platforms to educate and engage with younger consumers.  

Rapaport’s commitment to promoting ethical practices within the diamond industry was palpable as he made a powerful call for integrity and ethical responsibility. Dropping to his knees, Rapaport pleaded with attendees, “Don’t buy blood diamonds! Know where your goods are coming from!” He underscored the need for responsible purchasing, emphasizing the profound impact of diamonds on societies and economies, and urged the industry to prioritize transparent and ethical practices. “We need to create credibility; we need to create honesty.” 

To view the video of the Rapaport JCK breakfast presentation, click here.


Martin Rapaport of JCK 2024 image ‘Don’t Buy Blood Diamonds!’ Urges Martin Rapaport at JCK

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