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20 Suspects Ransack Jewelry Store During Robbery

June 26, 2024  |  Suzanne Watkin
Jewelry store robbery image

A group of approximately 20 people allegedly robbed a jewelry store, using hammers and other tools to smash cases and grab merchandise. 

The theft took place June 12 at PNG Jewelers in Sunnyvale, California, Jewelers Security Alliance (JSA) said Monday. Following the robbery, the suspects fled the scene in several vehicles, leading to a police chase.  

During the pursuit, suspects in one of the cars threw some of the stolen jewelry out of the vehicle. Authorities managed to apprehend and arrest five after they abandoned that vehicle and tried to flee. No one was injured during the burglary, according to Sunnyvale police.  

Police have managed to recover a portion of the stolen jewelry, authorities noted. However, the total value of the haul remains unknown.  

Last month, a similar robbery with multiple suspects took place at another jewelry store in Sunnyvale. Authorities are still investigating whether there is a connection between the two incidents. 

See the robbery video here:

Image: A jewelry-store robbery. (Shutterstock)

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Jewelry store robbery image 20 Suspects Ransack Jewelry Store During Robbery

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